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The Green Dragon is Down :(

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Check out the Green Dragon story at the following link:


The artist who created this was a prolific Miami-Based artist named Lewis Van Dercar, whose very original Tiki carvings can be seen in the classic movie "Pagan Island". My dream is to stumble upon a Van Dercar Tiki at a Miami Beach yard sale.

Anyone (Geoff?) who has updates on this story feel free to post.

[ Edited by: SoBeTiki on 2002-11-19 10:21 ]

Bummer. This must have looked really cool, but don't have any info on it. Maybe Fatuhiva does, or Mr & Mrs Mai-Tiki, since they are closer?

I grew up in Melbourne. Only thing I knew about the Dragon is what the article says. It was at the tip of Merritt Island where the Indian & Banana rivers meets (lagoons actually but that's another story). Always had to take a look at it when crossing the Eau Gallie Causeway. I do have lots of pictures of it though. We would always pass by real close, to it, on the way out water skiing.

I'll have to go visit my sister and take out her waverunner to pay my last respects.

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