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I Would like to post TC Carvings/Art on my site

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Hey all you carvers out there. I added a page on my site. It's a page I would like to dedicate to the carvings/art done by TC members. I'd also like to link to your emails or webpages. I dunno why, I got the space and we could keep pics up of our progress. Plus, work is pretty slow now. If you are up to it. Shoot me an email with a pic of the piece and some info/bio stuff. http://mywebpages.comcast.net/chrisbannister/turbotiks.htm

ha ha ha, I dont think I can be called a carver just yet, more like a hobbist? Anyways thats a cool little Idea and set up, feel free to link my email and or webpage.

Yeah, I meant more for the hobbyists. BTW you give yoou tiki a name? Got have a name.

I can't believe you named your tiki Gary Busey! That is so cool! Gary Busey rocks!

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