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Since the Las Vegas subject comes up so much, let's start a forum for it. One stop shopping as it were, per se, in a manner of speaking, if you will.

Right now, my favorite tropical drinks in Las Vegas are at Noodles, an Asian restaurant inside Bellagio. The decor is not tiki, but the beverages certainly are. The drink menu is marvelously illustrated evoking that certain sense of mystery about their concoctions and includes Tonga Punch, Scorpion, (real)Mai-Tai, and Dr. Funk among many others. Much thought has gone into this menu and the drink recipes. Go, gulp, and grin - this place does it right!

-Weird Uncle Tiki

Tut's hut in Luxor has decent tiki decor. It was closed when we went so I don't know about the drinks, but it did look like a good place to escape from all the freakin' KIDS that seem to be underfoot anywhere you go in Vegas these days (except the bars)...


Pages: 1 2 replies