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Tiki Torch nights 2006!!

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According to The Intoxicators!, they're playing Tiki Torch nights 2006 on April 22 at 8:00pm in Atlanta! 30 years of Trader Vics to celebrate! I intend to get there even if it kills me(which i don't think it will).

Antbody else have any more info on this event? Thanks a bunch, folks!


This is another Tiki Kiliki event... So it is going to be amazing...
Here is all of the info that is known so far...
(taken from an e-mail from Tiki Kiliki)

Mark your calendars - the weekend to celebrate the 30th Anniv. of Trader Vic's Atlanta is 4/21 - 4/22 which will include a Charles Phoenix slideshow at the Starlight Drive-In!!! Also, the Intoxicators!!! Plus, many more surprises!!! I can hear the drums now........


Cool...thanks a bunch.

I'm always the last one to know anything, so i do apologize for that. I've just so damn busy that i don't have the time to get on here too often(or do much else online, also).

So if i've repeated something that everyone else seems to know about, please forgive and ignore me.



Wow - the secret is out!

Glad you guys are excited about the event! We are hoping for that particular weekend but we will know something very soon! It's going to be a great weekend and the Intoxicators are part of the plan.

And yes, Trader Vic's Atlanta turns 30 in 2006!


It looks like The Intoxicators! (reluctantly) have to bow out of the 30th anniversary of Trader Vic's Atlanta celebration. There is a convention that has been scheduled for the April 21st, & 22nd dates at the downtown Atlanta Hilton (the hotel that houses Trader Vic's)... So it looks like the show is being moved to the next weekend... and we are unable to play that date...

James Teitelbaum, and Tiki Kiliki are working on the entertainment lineup now, and (as always) it is sure to be top notch!!!
They will be sending out more information in the next couple of months
So... re-mark your calendars for the last weekend in April...

Brian Crum
The Intoxicators!


Well, it looks like the proverbial cat has escaped the bag sooner than expected, so here's some rumor control!

The official dates for the Trader Vic's (Atlanta) 30th anniversary party are April 28 and 29, 2006 (the actual anniversary is Thursday, April 27).

Tentatively, the 28th will be at the Drive-in, and the 29th will be at Trader Vic's.

I am negoting with talent right now (we're REALLY bummed that the Intoxicators have a scheduling confilct!), and there should be announcements in the next week or two.

Let's just say that I have contacted LA, Chicago, Knoxville, and Boston talent, and we'll see what shakes out...

And that's just for this party... wait until you all see what Tikikiliki and I are cooking up for Hukilau this year!

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