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Mia's Cafe and Aloha Lounge, Ventura, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Mia's Cafe and Aloha Lounge
Street:2817 E Main St.

Well Ventura has been springing up with Tiki esque places and now we have a new one for you.......

Mia's Cafe and Aloha Lounge Vietnamese and Hawaiian cuisine and Hawaiian lounge.......the restaurant side is pretty boring they converted the new American Legion Hall next to Billy O's.......the Bar side they are in the process of painting murals, and decorating its been open for only a month or two.....there are a couple of generic tikis with some nice bamboo and glass shelves for the drinks.....Mugs are coming but not as of yet drinks were not to accurate but damn strong and not horrible tasting......the owner was explaining how he planned to make it Hawaiian and not Polynesian......he also explained how he didn't care for the retro tiki resurgence but preferred a more traditional polypop or authentic style......he was a very nice guy and the vibe was relaxing......he does have hula dancers and evidently a someone band comes through but not sure of the night......will head back a couple more times to see how it progresses.....though he did tell me he plans on turning the fire place into a Pele or Pele alter drinks were flowing by that point

Is it worth staying in Ventura, as opposed to SB, to visit the Aloha Lounge?

Is it better than Chucks of Hawaii in SB?

I dont' think that it is...but it's usually cheaper to stay in Ventura than SB ... and it's only a 25 minute drive either way (sorry...I moved from Ventura a year ago and I miss it soooo much!)

Fair enough. Is it worth going to instead of Chucks?

Nice bar, The night I was there it was like 40° outside so the fireplace they have is great.

This guy greets you at the entrance to the bar and guards the Women's restroom.

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