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Chef Shangri-La, North Riverside , IL (restaurant)

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Name:Chef Shangri-La
Street:7930 West 26th Street
City:North Riverside

Great old school tiki establishment. Loaded with Witco,Orchids of Hawaii and Oceanic Arts. Still run by the original owners, now celebrating 30 years of operations. Potent cocktails and yummy food at reasonable prices.

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This is a great, fully intact Chinese bamboo and Witco heaven with authentic food and drinks still being served in that tradition.

I borrowed some images from Critiki ( http://critiki.com/pictures/?loc_id=499#/16 ) to open the image posting here that will hopefully make this thread equally as visually rewarding as the one about Chicago Shangri La, the place that eventually lead to the opening of the "Chef" http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=32552&forum=2

the menu

the old sign

The interesting thing is that Paul Fong opened Chef Shangri-La in 1976, so he got his Witco carvings just in time before Witco went under. I was told that the Chicago rep for Witco told Paul that these carvings were not gonna be available much longer:

Go and see this place when in Chicago, I gave it a page in Tiki Modern, and it is wonderful it is still operating!


FWIW, here's some of my old pics from Exotica 2003.

On 2003-09-04 18:32, aquarj wrote:

The Enchanted Witco Shangri-La bar

The ceiling in the bar

Mrsmiley pours a soy sauce cocktail

Formikahini and tiki!


First some outdoor shots taken during a winter snow storm...

The entry way to the bar...

The Trio...

Long shot of the old dining room before remodel...

Eugene Savage Print, now part of a private collection...

We have some much older photos that Susie let us scan a few years back, will try to post some of those as well.

Chef shangri-la now offers legal video gambling !! I'll post pics of the gambling den after the 3rd saturday event this weekend.


Now when I'm in too deep to Jimmy at the bar, I can gamble 'til I got enough to cover the tab!

God bless America...


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