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I started collecting these a long time ago. They go great with tiki! But they are getting harder to find, plus more expensive. Please show yours.
These are from Tikiskips collection.
This one has cool starfish feet!

This is an ahstray.

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Here's a shot of my "mangy" coconut lamp. It ain't nothin' fancy:

And this here's my abalone shell lamp:

Hmm, I'm surprised that no one else has contributed to this post. Must be more folks with coconut lamps and shells out there than just the two of us, tikiskip. C'mon people, don't be shy!

Here's a couple of things I just picked up this afternoon:

Abalone shell dish. Perfect for holding mixed nuts and wasabe peas!

Absolutely stunning coral/abalone-shell lamp. Whoever made this didn't glue the coral on the base...it must have been the rock that the coral was attached to when the diver cut it from the reef. The light passes right through the coral and emits a beautiful glow.

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Here are a few more that I found.

Love that frame! The dude in the picture looks like a Polynesian Art Deco Chippendale's dancer...:D

I saw a small chest of drawers at a local antique store the other day: it was completely covered with glued-on seashells. I'm trying to convince my 12-year old daughter that she wants it for her room, but she ain't goin' for it.


Guess what, your not the only one who digs the coconut lamp. I have seen a couple over many years they are rare. Kind of Kitch Folk Art. They remind me of the palm frond tables which were made in Florida. Do you have any history on these?
Regards, TT


I do not know much about these. Someone once told me they were sold as souvenirs long ago? I would love to see one of those tables.


I would love to see one of those tables.

I'm guessing it's something like this:

More frond furniture here.


That is one cool table! And couch. Thank you for putting that up.


Found this picture frame at the 20th century cincinnati show of modern design. I paid only $35.00 bucks. Dose anyone know the girls in this photo? This was taken at the mondo tiki event in las vegas.


On 2006-02-26 07:14, tikiskip wrote:
Found this picture frame . Dose anyone know the girls in this photo? This was taken at the mondo tiki event in las vegas

I love this topic and tikiskip what a super frame! It seems I remember reading that these gals might have dampened some of the fun for a few folks who attended the event.
Be warned you "might" feel the need to shower after reading this thread....snicker...snicker...

HA! They pissed on some guys foot! I know I'm in love now. I forgot how undressed they were. Thats probably why I'm so red in that picture. My wife took that shot. Mondo tiki was great! remeber the shag blackjack tables, Boy I'd love to have one of those!


The frame is cool. but that picture is priceless. I've never seen you look happier Tikiskip...


I knew that looked familiar... I finally figured out from where. It's very similar to a picture I saw at my friend Peter Griffin's house.


Not much added to this post in some time now.
Here's a cool shell light.

º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºº¤ø,¸¸,:MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM TIKISKIP!!:º¤ø,¸¸ø¤ºº¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º


The picture frame is from Rome, it's a souvenir, usually a religious picture of last supper or bleeding heart of Jesus or virgin Mary!

Thanks for the info Mudbone.

Here is a xmas tree of shells.


Love that vignette, Skip!


Thanx Big Kahuna.
I have more photos to post.
Here is a bowl I saw this weekend.


º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºº¤ø,¸¸,:MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM TIKISKIP!!:º¤ø,¸¸ø¤ºº¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º


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More shell $h!t...

On 2016-12-07 07:51, tikiskip wrote:
More shell $h!t...

Skip, you got a way wid words.
Keep posting!
;> )


Here are even MORE shell things.

Unicorn out o shells...

TV light from da shells.
Way back when people thought that watching TV with no lights on in the room was bad for your eyes, so this device would save your eyes!
See how stupid some of the things we believe turn out to be.
Remember when they said coconut oil was bad for you, now it's one of the Healthiest Oils to Cook Popcorn In.

AND even a shell Christmas tree.
Got two now, this one was $5.00 bucks.

"TV light from da shells.
Way back when people thought that watching TV with no lights on in the room was bad for your eyes, so this device would save your eyes!
See how stupid some of the things we believe turn out to be."
Very true Skip, but without this happy horsesh%t we would not have been blessed with these timeless works of mid mod art.:)


Love em OGR!

Man I don't have any room left, we pass on cool cheap stuff all the time.


More wonders of the sea made into crap for you and me.


A shell manger nativity scene.

Did not even know it was a manger nativity scene till after I took the photo.

It is about the size of a beer can.

I am a sucker for anything with shells on it. I think all of the crap on this thread are awesome, and I would probably buy all of them if given the chance. :)

I found this one the other day, and you bet I bought it for 5.99! For the life of me, I have no idea what religious significance the small pieces of fake fish tank plants could possibly have. That shell in the middle is longer than my hand.


That's a good one Piddersthecat.

Here is one I guess I should have bought it was only 5.00 bucks!
It's more a matter of space than money, I gotz too much stuff.


& I thought I knew something about coco nut lamps,
till I saw this thread.
Silly me.
Good thread.


Well not as much on coco nut shell lamps as shell stuff.

I don't even see coco nut lamps at any price for a long time now.
May not matter really I have never seen them in any tiki bar than mine.

"interest""party of one"


I got these thrown in for free with a rattan bar I bought a few years ago. They’re definitely old, and probably home made. But it’s a great idea that I think could be used more, coconut shells hollowed out and cool stylized holes cut into them. They’re all wired together like a strand.


That one looks cool.
Have never seen that before.

Might look cool with Tapa over the three holes too.



You're right about the tapa! The problem would be swapping out the light bulbs. These also got a paint treatment on the inside of each shell. I think they'd look better unpainted.


Well they sure are cool.
Have seen others that are drilled and that makes a pattern.
Like these much better as they are simple and look more tiki bar like.

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