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The film "The Other Side of Heaven"

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Last Spring Shelley and I saw a cool independent film called "The Other Side of Heaven". It was based on a book written by Mormon missionary John H. Groberg, who was sent to Tonga to convert the Islanders. The film is a great fish out of water story. A naive and sheltered young man is sent to paradise for the adventure of his life. The film was made with Mormon cash and at times does play like a commercial for the Church itself. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) I thought is was a cool film. I haven't seen it on video yet, has anyone seen it?. It's worth a look for the ardent Polynesian fan.


Sorry to bring up this old post, but "The other side of heaven" is out on DVD now. I just rented it Saturday night. It's an awesome movie and well worth renting. I laughed my ass off during the Kava seen!

I give it a 5 Mai Tai rating!

I watched it on DVD Saturday night, excitedly thinking there would be at least one tiki. I loudly proclaimed at the end "Not one damn tiki". WTF is with that. Did Disney want to focus solely on the Mormons? Or am I just a cry baby? Could have been more focus on the Tongans.
Just the same it was a cute little movie.

I bought the video for my stepson when he was sick and have never watched it. Guess I will now. I forgot we had it.

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