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Tropics Motor Hotel, Indio, CA (hotel)

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Name:Tropics Motor Hotel
Street:82297 Indio Blvd

Ok I searched and only found a thread on all tiki places called the Tropics.

So heres a few pics I took on an unschedlued sojourn to to Mesa Arizona.
(Grand Daughter off a second story balcony will do that! Shes doing great, so don't worry! But hey, I did finally get to meet her!)

Ken Kimes Tile in the shower!!! Decidely Un Tiki...

A link to the post on the darker side of the Kimes Family...

Try and Imagine that there is a beach just out of shot... instead of miles of wasteland and strip malls...

Nice details.

The sole tiki i saw on the premises.

Sorry there aren't more shots, we were in emergency driving mode... This just happened to be the only place with a room to rent for miles!

The entranceway.

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Thought I'd add a little color to this Tropics location with a photo of a recent matchbook find.

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