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Exhibition, Olympia LONDON 11-13 April 2003

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I will be showing some of my work at Urban Gardens Exhibition April 11-13 2003.
I have'nt tried anything like this before so it's a leap into the dark, hopefully I can sell a few pieces and cover costs.
If anyones in the area I would be pleased to see you, just mension Tikiroom for a 20% discount if you wanted anything.
Yours Black Bank Tiki

please remind us a little closer to that date. if i'm around (it's not during easter week is it?) i'd be glad to come and show my support.

tiki chris

[ Edited by: Tiki Chris on 2002-11-24 03:37 ]

Sounds great - hope you do well! Like Chris said, give us an update closer to the time. Hopefully we'll have already visited the Black Bank urban garden by then, though!

Trader Woody

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