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Still looking for glass fishing float lights!

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Here Is what I am looking for

1.they must be pre lit (they are already lights)

2.they must be glass (this is not obvious to some)

3.they must be for sale (see above comment)

4.they diameter must be 16inches of greater


  • Talkie-Tiki

far easier said than done......good luck.


Hey Talkie-Tiki,

I'm looking for the same thing. Tough to come by from what I understand. I thought about trying a do-it-yourself approach but from what I understand, the floats are similar to light bulbs, if you drill into them, they burst. Best to have an expert make them for you but if anyone else out there knows something different, please advise.

After reading the original post, I'd have to say far harder 'said' that done...

i have been looking for a while and there aint sh-t out there.....so i am going to experiment with a standard glass float and make some!.i am in the west l.a. area and i am looking for a donor float.....feeling brave?. let me know at [email protected]

Your right about that. I contacted a couple of sellers on ebay who sell the floats and they didnt know either where to buy them. They suggested maybe grinding an opening into one and inserting a light...most likely easier said than done.


My pal owns a "waterjet cutter". It's a computerized cutting machine with a high pressure water nozzle that can cut thru titanium. He says it will neatly and safely cut any size hole in my glass floats. Next time I see him I'll try it out. He lives in Vegas, but. I'm sure there's other WaterJets around.


Alnshely, im out in vegas, whats do they charge for the service? Does he also do the sandblasting technique? I'd love to get a few done myself.

I'm tellin' you, it's a potential waste of a good (and expensive) fishing float to go trying to cut or grind a hole in it. You can make a good, functional fishing float out of a glass ball light fixture (available in a variety of colors - I just saw a really cool red on the other day) and getting creative with rope or fish net. Mine suits perfectly well, and I'm going to use the same technique to make more. I've seen this same thing done in commercial restaurants and tiki bars (including Tonga) far more than I've seen examples of real fishing floats converted into lamps. I don't think it was ever that common to drill holes in floats to make lights; the look was so easily faked that probably most manufactures decided it was not worth the trouble or expense. Hell, if these lamps are so hard to find, maybe I'll make some up and sell 'em on ebay. Takes me about 1/2 an hour to build one, once I find the globe...

Hula Hula,
Here's the URL. The number is 702-456-9007.
Ask for Gary Cole, he's a good guy. Tell him you know Al and Shelley Knepper thru Tiki Central. I have two big floats I'm going to bring him someday.

Maxton, I plan to make a big fish trap float light using your advice. I'll post a pic when I'm done.

laney posted on Sat, Nov 30, 2002 4:07 PM

Any local people (so. CA) who have never been to Ocianic Arts should make a trip just to see the fishing float light with a blowfish in it! Of course there is ton of stuff to see but this thing is amazing! How do you do that? I've tried to get them to give me a price but they aren't parting with it-EVER!
Somebody figure out how to make those!

Swanky posted on Mon, Dec 2, 2002 8:54 AM

This sounds like a potential market. If I can take my theories and prove they work, I can then buy more floats and nets and wire them and sell them. Perhaps I will do this and display my work at Hukilau 2003, and here or course. I am still of the firm belief that A) no drilling is required for the lighting, and B) no drilling is required to "frost" the glass. But the only floats I own now are about 6-8 inches in diameter and although I found some large ones, I didn't feel like paying for them at the time and they were in Indy.

Sounds like a good business venture. There is obviously demand. And if my way works, the work involved is not too great.

i have the hole boring(as in bore a hole) thing down to a "t". i just now am looking into a selection of diff style lights to use and the best way to frost the glass from the inside.if you have a float and just want the hole,contact me.i am also looking into a supply of repo floats w/hangers like mine.they are colored on the outside but look great.

the best way I heard is to sandblast them
that what I herd from the guys at Oceanic arts


Please share your secret and give us all the "boring" (bore-ing) details--thanks!!

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