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The Edge - Edgewater Resort and Waterpark, Duluth, MN (hotel)

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Name:The Edge - Edgewater Resort and Waterpark
Street:2400 London Road

The Edge is a Polynesian-themed resort and waterpark in Duluth, MN which opened in January, 2006. It is part of the Edgewater Resort and Waterpark.
The waterpark has a Polynesian, tropical island theme complete with a volcano and Tiki statues. In the waterpark are two four-story water slides, a 400-foot lazy river, a vortex pool, a hot tub, and an interactive play area with small child-friendly water slides and play structure.

The Edge

A few Tiki masks at The Edge:

Pool side Tiki:

[ Edited by: Scott McGerik 2007-07-13 07:11 ]

Those masks from the Edge look like they were carved by Tiki Master.

Wisconsin Dells also has a Polynesian-themed waterpark, creatively named, The Polynesian Resort. I've never been there, but I've driven past it on the way down to Madison. Judging by the photos available on their website, the Polynesian looks to be a little lighter on the tikis than the Edge.

Unfortunately, my kids are older now, and far too cool to be seen hanging around waterparks, so I probably won't get a chance to go unless I get some grandchildren.

The 8- and 5-year old girls we had with us had a fun time. I would not visit the waterpark without children, however. Nearly everything is geared towards children, although, the water slides are adult-friendly.

As a Tikiphile, I enjoyed the pool side Tikis and the Polynesian-theme of the park. The Tiki were not too garish. However, after an hour or two at the resort, there is nothing left to discover.

I posted a larger article, with more photos, about the waterpark at Scott McGerik's Weblog: The Edge - Edgewater Resort and Waterpark

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