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Restaurant Records!

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Anybody here collect restaurant records? I have recently perused though my collection and I didn't know that I had so many. This is a sub genre of advertising records that has not been talked about ANYWHERE!! Most of these were privately pressed in small quantities and are difficult to find. If so what do you have and where was it recorded?

Cheers and Mahalo,

I have a few Burger Chef soundsheets somewhere... they always seemed to be about monsters... does that count?


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Fast food records are almost a category in themselves. I am talking about records that were recorded in a fine dining restaurant or supper club. Something like Adamono plays at Don the Beachcombers, or a piano player (forgot the name) plays at the Jamaica Inn, or Esquivel live at the La Margarita, (recently released on CD as the "Sights and Sounds of Esquivel." etc, etc. Records that were basically used to promote a restaurant. Thanks for replying though as I haven't heard too many replys on this subject.

Cheers and Mahalo,


I have a few records that fit in this category - although most of them are LPs of lounge acts, which happened to recorded at a nearby lounge or hotel restaurant. My favorites are the LPs that are personally autographed by the artists themselves.

A few years ago I created a personal compilation of the best songs from these LPs, and titled it 'Hammond and Drum Machines.' The results were quite good.

  • Larry Rivera singing a fast 'Tiny Bubbles',
  • a husband and wife duo singing 'More' with a drum track that keeps speeding up,
  • a different husband wife duo singing their praises of South Dakota (recorded on green vinyl!),
  • a German trio performing 'Hello Mary Lou', sung in German of course,
  • a teen prodigy playing an almost Esquivel-ish 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da' on multiple keyboards
  • a reggae version of 'Shaft',
  • a neat jazzy version of 'White Rabbit',
  • two teenage brothers (organ and drums) playing the themne from the western 'Hang Em High',
  • 3 different versions of 'Ode to Billy Joe.'

My favorite song though, is an act named Tony and Kathy Rich, performing their 'Love Medley' live from the Poconos - the back of the LP includes of a photo of a heart-shaped bathtub. The song is quite moving, almost a like a K-Tel record of favorite love songs with the audience bursting into applause as each song is introduced (never mind the fact that if you listen closely, you realize that the applause was dubbed in afterwards)

....and many more! Did I mention that all of the above Lps were autographed too!


I have a bunch of limited production Christmas Albums put out by various companies each year. Firestone seemed like the most enthusiastic of the companies.

I have often wondered if other people found these items interesting.

There are a lot of those cheesy Tijuana style fast food lps like at Taco Bell, Der Wienerschnitzel, Pizza Inn and even Kentucky Fried Chicken (Pre KFC). I also have a Shakey's Pizza Record with all the ragtime jazz that is a nice period piece.

Hey Vern,

Hey Vern,

That's what I'm talking about! I think I may actually have that compilation of yours but I don't have a playlist for it. If you mind could you let me know, (either onlist or off) the artist's and restaurant for the records you have? That would be really handy. I will make up a similiar list so we can see just how many of these are out there. I am writing a small article on these and want to assemble some sort of list. I'd really appreciate it.

Christmas compilations are in abundance. Again, a whole other category. Probably one of the best though is the Kentucky Fried Chicken compilations that feature Colonel Sanders on the cover. I know of 2 or 3 different ones. Also Tijuana Picnic which has the absolute BEST cover of Colonel Sanders sitting down with a family with buckets of chicken all around! Great stuff!!

Yeah, these were all made by a company called Mark 54. They made promotional records for Coca Cola, Taco Bell, Global Airlines, etc,etc. These are cool too! I love Pizza records as well. I must have 4 or 5 of those including one made for Jeno's Pizza called "Music to Eat Pizza By."

On 2006-01-18 07:06, naugatiki wrote:
There are a lot of those cheesy Tijuana style fast food lps like at Taco Bell, Der Wienerschnitzel, Pizza Inn and even Kentucky Fried Chicken (Pre KFC). I also have a Shakey's Pizza Record with all the ragtime jazz that is a nice period piece.



  • Hal Aloma at the Luau 400
  • Martin Denny In Person (live at Duke Kahanamoku's)
  • An Evening at the Royal Tahitian

Well it's not tiki, but it's the Trenier's. Recorded live at the Cabaret Theater of Tony's Fish Market Restaurant in Miami in 1963.

Sounds good eh!

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I posted this record cover from my sollection before on TC. Larry Riviera live at the Coco Palms Hotel. It's in 2 parts because I used a scanner.

Is this the same Larry Riviera album you have ikitnrev?

  • Bajeht

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Kono posted on Wed, Jan 18, 2006 5:33 PM

I don't exactly collect them but neither do I shun them. In fact, there just happens to be one right here next to me and the turntable:

"...featuring GEORGE HINES and JOHNNY COCO, vocalists with the Hawaiian Room Orchestra, Don Plumby, orchestrator, produced by Tony Cabot."

From The Hawaiian Room in the Hotel Lexington NYC.

Anyone have that "Tan-Tar-A" resort LP that was in one of the Incredibly Strange Music books? I forget the name of the group (Tan-Tar-A Trio?) and don't have the book handy but I always wanted to get hold of that LP. Or at least hear a rip if anyone has it.


Yes, the photo above is the same Larry Rivera LP I have.
Here are some pics of some of the groups I mentioned above

Die Goldene 3 (singing Hello Mary Lou in German)

Gene And Joey (Hang 'Em High)

Jolene and Bill Alexander (they sing More!)

Donna Dee And Dennis

Joe Alexander & Cookie De De (they sing 'South Dakota' - recorded on green vinyl!)

Hector Olivera (he does the wild Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da)

and my favorites, Tony & Kathy Rich, who perform the Love Medley, and Miserlou too! The Heart Shaped Bathtub photo is found on the back cover

Its a wild and crazy world out there.


I have two records that are hotel ones, does that count? One is Ronnie Prophet live at The Bahama Hotel, Florida (great version of Ghost Riders in the Sky) and The Keynotes at a hotel in Hong-Kong, they do a vocal (!) version o Taboo, great!



I have a Ronnie Prophet Lp too - recorded at both the Grand Bahama Hotel, and the Jolly Roger Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. There are no track listings - each record side is one long track, with various songs and comedy patter throughout each side. His is a fun LP - just one man, but very entertaining, and his guitar skills are a several notches above your typical lounge act.

Ronnie Prophet is a lounge performer who has since gone on to bigger things

Ronnie grew up in Canada, lived in Florida from 1964 to 1969, then moved to Nashville, where he operated a club for several years. From there he went back to Canada, where he had a television show and became a big country star up there. He currently has a show in Branson, Missouri, and last year he opened for George Jones on tour. I located one quote that had Chet Atkins naming Ronnie Prophet 'the greatest one-man show I have ever seen.'


Great LP Kono,

I will have to keep an eye out for that one!!


You are the man!! This is the stuff I am talking about. This thread is on a roll!!! Yes, Hotel records count as well. Most of these restaurants were actually located inside a hotel. I found at least 4 that were recorded in different rooms at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. I even have one recorded at the Aku Tiki in Acapulco!

Great job guys!!

More More!!!


Great pics Vern! Thanks for sharing those. I love the one with the guy holding his woofer! But what is the black box he's holding in the other hand? He seems to be very happy with it.

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Hey Jab,

Thanks for posting the "Nite Cap with Larry" LP. Vern included his version of "Tiny Bubbles" on his compilation CD. The cover is great though as he looks like Marty Feldman's psychotic little brother! HA!!

Has anyone ever seen Arnie "The Singing Bartender" at Arnie's Lounge? I have this album too. I will see if Vern can post this pic for me. It is hilarious. He actually has a tiki holding up his super cheap keyboard. Great Stuff!!

Cheers and Mahalo,

Here are some of mine......

Grant Green at the Ta'boo' Club, Palm Beach, Fla-The Kahlis at the Kono Hawaii in Santa Ana, Ca-Johnny Coco and the Exotic sounds of the Hawaii Kai, NY-Adomono at Don The Beachcombers, Waikiki-Hal Aloma at the Luau 400-Martin Denny at Duke's, HI

Arthur Lyman at the Crescendo, Hollywood, Ca- The Surfers at the Latitude 20, Torrance, Ca- Arthur Lyman at the Port Of Los Angeles- The Fabulous Echoes at Duke's, HI- The Royal Samoans & The Royal Tees at the Royal Tahitian, Ranco Cucamonga, Ca- Quinn's Orchestra at Quinn's, Tahiti

WOW!! Great pictures Bongofury. Looks like we are going to have to trade again. That Johnny Coco album at the Hawaii Kai looks awesome. Does this have audience background noise? I am particularly fond of restaurant records that have the ambience from the actual restaurant versus being recorded in the studio. How does the Royal Tees album sound? Thanks for posting these. I will hit you with a PM later if you want to trade.

Vern, that "Hammond and Drum Machine" compilation you made is great!! I listened to it over the weekend. Deb really likes the German version of "Hello Mary Lou." What a riot. Is the rest of the album just as good?

Cheers and Mahalo,

Nice work, guys. What a bout the alltime fave "The Polynesians- At the POLYNESIAN in Torrance"? and I have some harp player at "The Warehouse" in Marina Del Rey. Am in Germany again so I can't look it up.

I guess the Paul Page series does not count, though he made the same album with a different title and logo typeface for the following restaurants: a.) Ports of Call, b.) Pieces of Eight, c.) The Castaway, d.) The Reef.

And then, as a sub-genre, record COVERS photographed at Polynesian restaurants:

The Surfers did two at THE LUAU, Beverly Hills
The Outriggers did one at Trader Vic', one at Don The Beachcomber,
This Mexican guy, at The TIKIS...some Canadian guy, at the KON TIKI Montreal
Oh, and that GREAT Mariachi band at the Mauna Loa in Mexico City...

Heck yeah, Paul Page counts Bigbro. Too bad his stuff is nearly impossible to find. Thanks for the album list with photos taken at the restaurants. Do you have ANY of these? Anybody? These fall loosely into the category. All Polynesian restaurants (audio or picture) should definitely be included. This is where exotica started folks! In a restaurant!!!

I will be posting my list of over 30 restaurant records soon.

Cheers and Mahalo,

As promised......................

Jeff’s Restaurant Records

Adomono; A Night at the Beachcomber, Decca Records DL 4097
Recorded at Don The Beachcombers in the International Market Place, Honolulu, Hawaii. Includes 2 Adomono originals “Gypsy Rhapsody” and “Beachcomber Blues.” Nice masks in the background as Adomono plays a guitar that looks straight out of hell.

Arnie Aka-Nui; An Evening at Arnie’s Lounge, Palm Harbor, Florida CRS-1500
Arnie Aka-Nui was the owner of this establishment and became know for being the “singing bartender” around the area. Great cover on this one!

Bob Allen Trio at the Christopher Inn, Columbus, Ohio.
Jazz trio recorded at the Christopher Inn in Columbus, Ohio probably during the seventies. Nice gatefold sleeve on this privately pressed record. Signatures inside as well even though Bob is blind.

Abbey Albert at Lago Mar, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, ART Records ALP-50
This album was released by ART Records. A label that dealt exclusively with “Live” on the spot recordings from different restaurants, supper clubs and lounges from around the Florida area. Features Jill Allen on vocals.

Hal Aloma; At the Luau, NYC, NY. Dot Records DLP 3367

Herb and Elena Ayers; Originals from LeDome, Private pressing HA 4828
This husband and wife duo play original compositions at LeDome of the Four Seasons restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Picture on the cover is from the restaurant itself.

Don Bolin Trio, Requests at Ricardo’s Restaurant, Columbus, Ohio. Musicol 1038

Henry Cabauy; at the Jamaica Inn Restaurant, Hannah Records L.P. 501
Recorded at the Jamaica Inn Restaurant, Miami, Florida.

Bing Crosby/ Trader Vic Bergeron; African Safari, promo 10” lp This item was sold or given away at select Trader Vic’s restaurant’s as a promotional item. One side has crooner Bing Crosby singing popular hits but in a safari manner. The flip side has a Buffalo Story as told by Trader Vic Bergeron.

Charles Davis at the Royal Hawaiian, Everest Records SDBR-1015
Recorded at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii

Martin Denny; “Live” at Duke, Liberty Records

Irving Fields; Dancing at the Taboo, Taboo Records no#
Recorded at the Taboo restaurant, Palm Beach, Florida

Glenn and Bill “Live” at the Anchor Inn, Coronet Records
Recorded at the Anchor Inn Motel in Columbus, Ohio

Berne Hal-Mann; Hilton Hawaaian Village Presents…, Sounds of Hawaii SH 5008
This was recorded at at Hilton Hawaiin Village in Honolulu, Hawaii. This album also features one time bass player for the Arthur Lyman group Archie Grant.

Hurricane Hattie; Hurricane Shakes up the Coconuts, Arco ALPM-502
Comedy/Piano routine that was recorded at the Tiki Motor Inn, Lake George, N.Y.

The Hyltonaires; Big Bamboo, Wirl Records (West Indies Records Limited) WIRL 1041
Calypso music recorded at the Jamaica Hilton Hotel

Danny Kaleikini, Luau at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Mahalo Records, S-4004

King Eric and his Knights, Bama Hit Parade, Carib records LP 2008
Recorded at the Bama Supper Club in Nassau, Bahamas. Nice front and back pictures of the restaurant and detailed liner notes.

Ray Kinney; Luau at Waikiki, RCA Victor LSP-2885
Recorded “Live” at the Long House at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu, Hawaii.

La Plata Sextette; Swings at the Raleigh Hotel, Seeco CELP 4690
Recorded at the Raleigh Hotel in South Fallsburgh, N.Y.

Ricardo Lemus at the Aku Tiki, Acapulco, Mexico, Yepa Records

Arthur Lyman; Latitude 20, Hi Fi Records
; At the Port of Los Angeles, Hi Fi Records
; Aloha Amigo, Hi Fi Records, (cover picture taken at The Islander, CA)

Donna Marie; Keyatics, Private Pressing
This album was recorded at various supper clubs in Columbus, Ohio

Woody Martens; The Wild and Mild Sides of, ART Records ALP-46
This album was recorded “Live” in the Fox’s Lair Reynard’s restaurant, Lake Worth, Florida.

Kay Martin and her Bodyguards; at the Lorelei Room, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Freddie Munnings; Nassau Hiliday, Famo Records LP 1001
This Calypso album was recorded “Live” at the Cat and Fiddle Nightclub, Nassau, Bahamas.

Rose Netane; Welcome to my World, South Eastern Pecords no#
This album was recorded at the Kon Tiki Supper Club at the Hawaiian Inn, Pete Beach, Florida. This album contains an original song called the “Kon Tiki Theme.”

Blue Pau; Hawaii Calls at the Fireside, Jeeree Records NR15812
Released in 1984 this record was recorded at the Fireside Restaurant, location unknown?

Max Penton; Sings a Safari Serenade, private pressing
Recorded at the Safari Restaurant and Lounge, Scottsdale, Arizona

Mario Peralta at the Regency, Rose Records 0691R-6413
Recorded at the Hyatt Regency, Atlanta Georgia

The Polynesians; Polynesia, Crown Records CST-169
Front cover and back photos taken at The Polynesian Restaurant, California

Larry Rivera; A Night Cap with Larry, CoCo Palms Records LPS 2867
Recorded at the CoCo Palms Hotel at the Royal Lagoon terrace, Kauai, Hawaii

Bob Swerer; at the Safari, Century records, 28051
Recorded at the Safari Nightclub, Fort Collins, Colorado

Exotic Sounds of Tiki Gardens, private pressing
Home of the Trader Franks Restaurant this is an audio tour of the entire Tiki Gardens in Florida.

The Torchlighters; Coco Palms presents, Coco Palms CPS-101

Clay Wheeler; A Night with Clay at Canlis, private pressing 100
Recorded at the Canlis Polynesian Restaurant, California. Awesome picture of the entire building on the front cover.

Vern and Bongofury,

Can you send me a list of what you guys have. I would really appreciate it. Send it either here or my home email address. Thanks!

Cheers and Mahalo,

Coo-elle! Love some of those titles, especially "Ricardo Lemus at the Aku Tiki, Acapulco, Mexico" and "Kay Martin and her Bodyguards; at the Lorelei Room, Fort Lauderdale, Florida".
From when is the Aku-Tiki one? Good cover? and the Kon-Tiki Florida sounds intriguing, too.

Was there a Canlis in Calfornia? I thought only in Waikiki and in Seattle. The Waikiki was an A-frame built by Wimberly and Cook, and eventually was turned into a police station, until it was razed a couple of years ago. The Seattle one is still there, and I wonder in what (renovated?) condition. Nobody I know has been there, because it is a tie only/shi shi/way too expensive place, still.


On 2006-01-24 22:38, bigbrotiki wrote:
Was there a Canlis in Calfornia? I thought only in Waikiki and in Seattle. The Waikiki was an A-frame built by Wimberly and Cook, and eventually was turned into a police station, until it was razed a couple of years ago. The Seattle one is still there, and I wonder in what (renovated?) condition. Nobody I know has been there, because it is a tie only/shi shi/way too expensive place, still.

I checked it out in the late 90s. The decor was nothing remotely Polynesian or even tropical. The original modern 1950s building elements that remained such as the beams, rock, and plate glass windows (and view) were impressive. We didn't stay to eat because of the prices - we just snuck a look.

It was remodeled again in 2005, and judging from the web site it looks much better than the 1996 remodel. The contemporary furniture and art goes much better with the exposed wood and rock then the faux-Mediterranean look it used to have. It's no longer Polynesian but I would be willing to splurge on a meal there someday. The food is reported to be great.



On 2006-01-24 09:56, Jeff Central wrote:

Jeff’s Restaurant Records:

Blue Pau; Hawaii Calls at the Fireside, Jeeree Records NR15812
Released in 1984 this record was recorded at the Fireside Restaurant, location unknown?

That is from the Fireside in Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin. It was (and still is, at least last time we went there– about '98) a dinner theater that is popular with the senior set. They served their drinks in the big OMC Moai mug (customised with their logo) and the small glass goblet.

I just picked up a second copy of this record if anyone wants to trade.


Thanks for the update Duke! That's why I love this place it is so full of knowledgable people. I will update my list accordingly. If you have any other duplicates not on my list, please let me know Duke.

Sven, the Richard Lemus at the Aku Tiki has a wonderful cover of Richard (the drummer) surrounded by thatch and some tikis with a really cool bamboo font that says Aku Tiki on it. I will see if Vern can post the picture for me, as I am a virgin when it comes to posting graphics, unless it has gotten easier.

Cheers and Mahalo,

Oh man...Kon-hembsy, that Treniers album is awesome. I saw Claude Treniers play at the showboat in AC before he died. He was like 82 still rockin. It was an awesome show.

I've got several of those already mentioned. I've included some photos of lps not already mentioned, or mentioned but without a photo yet:

:down: First, a few from the Hilton Hawaiian Village:

:down: The Hotel Tahiti

:down: Charles Davis at the Royal Hawaiian (this lp has a signature song, "At The Royal Hawaiian Hotel". I love signature hotel/restaurant songs)

:down: Another photo of the lp from the Royal Tahitian in Ontario, California

:down: Some pics from the Canlis album

Finally, Jeff - do the tikis in your Aku Tiki album look anything like the ones on this album by Grupo Guerrero? My lp says it was produced in Acapulco, so I've been assuming it was taken outside the Aku Tiki, but I'd love some corraborating evidence. :down:

I also have a small promotional 45 from the LUAU Restaurant in Atlanta, GA with the restaurant's jingle being sung by a corny but sparkling chorus. It's one of my prized possessions.


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Here's a few more, maybe some of these have been mentioned...

To go with thejab's Larry Rivera collection, Coco Palms Records presents Larry Rivera at the Coco Palms Hotel in Kauai. And speaking of hotels in Kauai that are extinct...

Sounds of Hanalei featuring the Holo Holo Trio and the Maka Trio at Hanalei Plantation (now gone).

Rene Paulo Plays in Person, live at the Shell Bar in Hilton Hawaiian Village. Wow, what an artistic cover! But don't blame the record company, Mahalo Records. They're also responsible for this fantastic cover...

Lanakila's Polynesians Polynesian Potpourri, recorded at Int'l Market Place in Waikiki.

Ray Kinney and his Aloha Serenaders, the Voice of Aloha, recorded live at Waikiki under the keawe tree at Halekulani Hotel. Also at Halekulani...

Twilight at Halekulani. As the liner notes on the back say, the trio is "officially The Alice Fredlund Serenaders but are known more affectionately as The Halekulani Girls or just simply as The Girls." Check out this ad - same trio?...

Also, cross-posted from the Ilikai thread, there's always these two:

And lastly, a couple borderline related LPs, but still kinda interesting...

Ernie Heckscher at the Fairmont (and we all know what restaurant is in The Fairmont)!

Max Morath at the mighty gold bar, at the Imperial Hotel in Colorado.


Great pictures Sabu and aquarj,

This thread keeps getting better and better. The Canlis album was recorded at the Canlis Charcoal Broiler in Honolulu, Hawaii, not California as previously thought. Thanks for the correction. The tikis in the Aku Tiki album are not good enough to compare since they are small and kind of hidden Sabu, so I am not sure how to compare them. The back even has more photos of the grounds and of the outside of the restaurant. Look for a picture soon. I would love to hear that Royal Tahitian album. Let me know if interested in a trade or two. Also, I too love albums that include a signature song relating to the establishment. That "Luau" single sounds right up my ally. In fact I am working on a compilation of the BEST restaurant records with an emphasis on the Polynesian ones of course. Let me know if you, or anyone else here, would be interested in contributing to this project. Thanks for all the valuable input!!

Cheers and Mahalo,

And then I have two copies of Tihati, a great floor show from a 70s Waikiki hotel.
When I used to dj I sometimes spun both of them more ore less simultaneously, to a wild effect.
How I came across two copies in the north of germany within a year or so I have no idea.



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One issue is the Arthur Lyman AT THE PORT OF LOS ANGELES. That isn't an "on site" record. That is just a compilation of tunes from his previous albums that was used to promote trade.

You are correct Digitiki!

Also, if you happen to have a copy of Lyman's "Port of LA" that was given out by the Port of LA the back covers are printed in COLOR. The regular release was done in B/W. I am also going to check the validity of "Latitude 20" and see if this is a live recording or a studio recording. "Live" at the Crescendo is definitely a live recording.

Cheers and Mahalo,

Shoo-weed shtuff, guys! That Canlis album is a treasure...but so are many others here!
Keep 'em coming, warms my heart in freezing Alps-country.

Here are a few more LP covers, from the collection of Jeff Central

This just became my all-time favorite tiki cover - love the wood paneling!

and proof that Tader Vic's travels took him to places other than the Polynesian islands


Thanks Vern!!!!

Well, between eBay and the recent Record Convention here in Columbus, Ohio I managed to find a total of 13 more restaurant records.

Here are just a few......

  1. An Evening at Johnny Lee's (Hilarious cover with 2 guys eating Chinese food complete with tiki salt and pepper shakers on the table).

  2. Bill Dean; Live from the "Terrace". (includes a version of "Quiet Village."

  3. Richard Lemus at The Islands. (Sadly no pictures on this. The front and the back is a generic white cover with text only. Sounds like studio recording as well.) This was The Islands restaurant in Phoenix.

  4. Mike "Malihini" Scott live at the Waikiki Restaurant in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada.

  5. Los Pinguinos at El Shrimp Bucket (Roughly translated as The Penguins at the Shrimp Bucket) Great stuff!!

Cheers and Mahalo,

Here's another restaurant/bar record - this time from the Aloha Bar at The Beachcomber (Mayfair Hotel) in London. Sorry that the photograph is so horrible, but the cover is truly awful - the less than attractive band-leader in front of a blurry backdrop of the least Tiki part of the bar. Cést la vie.

Trader Woody

Balls - Shutterfly has cut off the bit at the bottom of the record where it states 'The Aloha Bar - Mayfair Hotel'.

Trader Woody

Hey Trader Woody,

Nice to see our overseas neighbor jump in on this thread. Boy, that guy on the cover is UGLY!!! Thanks for posting!!

Cheers and Mahalo,

Jeff, here's one for you:

ebay number: 4832946384

Mike Malihini Scott and the Hawaiianaires
Live at the Waikiki (Canada)

I can recommend the seller too


PS Arnie Aka-Nui is great

Thanks Magnus,

I just recently picked that album up from a friend of mine here in the states. Still sealed too! It is actually a pretty good album. I love the steel guitar. Thanks for letting me know though. I really appreciate it. If you find any others please let me know, especially oversea stuff.

Cheers and Mahalo,

Hey Jeff and others!

Responding a little late to this but just wanted to chime in that I collect Restaurant Records also. If you want to check out my stash, I've put up a quick and dirty list over at:


I've also got a bunch in a sub-category for cruise ship records - records of performing groups on cruise ships and sold as souvenirs.

I'll see if I can get some scans up in the next few days. It has been great to see what other folks have and to learn I'm not the only one out there accumulating this stuff.

All the best,

Pastor McPurvis

Hello McPurvis,

First of all welcome to Tiki Central. Your #1 source for all things TIKI. I could not get your link to work. I went to your main site but could not locate the restaurant records that you spoke of. I am very curious to see what you have.

Cheers and Mahalo,

Whoops! Sorry about that!

Try this link instead:


WOW!! Very impressive. You have a wonderful collection. Thanks for the list. Nice attention to detail as well. Let me know if you have any extras you would want to trade with. You can email off list if you want. Nice website too!

Cheers and Mahalo,

Found a bunch more local stuff lately! How about the Vanguards at the Del Villa Rio. A Northern soul group that does a cover version of popular hits like "Sweet City Woman." I also found an accordion group called The Spitfires from Dayton that do a KILLER version of the "Theme from Shaft" using 16 accordions!!!! It's freakin' unbelievable how good this is. Look for a CD compilation soon!

Cheers and Mahalo,

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