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Old Harper’s South Sea Article from 1874

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I've got an article from "Harper's New Monthly Magazine" about an 1871 trip through the south sea islands. (kinda like bigbros')
If any one is interested I've already scanned it and will Email it to anyone who wants a copy. It's thirteen pages with a map and some cool pics. I scaned kinda big to get detail. 5.64MB total pages range from 200 to 700 kb. My Email is [email protected] let me know.


See ya,

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[ Edited by: Caber-Net on 2002-03-26 16:55 ]

Hi Caber,

Sounds cool. I hope to get the Image Uploading done soon, but when I do, we will probably not be able to post copyrighted images here. :( Thanks for offering to mail it.

[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2002-03-25 13:55 ]

I posted the some smaller pictures on a web site I just threw up.(that doesn't sound too good)

Caber-Net's article's still out there!

That's really cool. I have an illustration from another Harper's Weekly article, published in the April 26, 1873 issue called Idol Festival In Easter Island, by M. Julian Viaud. I'd love to find the entire article.

I'm scarce but not gone!:) Got a baby running around...no time for fun...altho My annual Tiki party will be back this year after a 2 year hibernation and I have to make 5 liters of Mai Tai for some friends tomorrow..I gotta go squeeze some limes.

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