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Hey Christian,
Mr cheeky half and I (Mrs cheeky half) are interested in making some kind of mobile mosaic. We've been making tiki mosaics for a few years now, but we haven't shown them in galleries or anything like that. Are you interested in artists who are basically unkown? Even though we don't post very often, we've been lurking since the Yahoo days of tc, if that adds to our cred at all. Here is PeeKuBu, one of our more recent mosaics.

The rest of our mosaics are on http://www.velvetglass.com.


cheeky half

Gigantalope wrote:

I know that area well, I think it's salts, deposits from standing water, and gypsum.

Could be...I did notice lots of what looks like gypsum around Victorville...didn't know if it was natural or overspill from a concrete plant.

There are some cool mines out that way that you can still tour, along RT 666. (Avoid Roy's at Amboy...cool looking but it sucks)

Funny you'd mention that; I just got through blogging it. http://thelope.blogspot.com/2006/01/amboy-california.html
Its closed, you know, and supposedly under a slow restoration process by its new owner, Albert Okura, owner of the Juan Pollo Restaurant chain of California.

There are several stories of there once being an inland sea stretching from that area down to Mexico. Not like a billion years ago, but in the time of human habitation. (it's one of those things native americans chat about at the swap meet)

I think they're right; I remembered something like that from a geology seminar and just looked it up. The American heritage Dictionary defines the Mojave Desert as: "An arid region of southern California southeast of the Sierra Nevada. Once part of an ancient inland sea, the desert was formed by volcanic action and by materials deposited by the Colorado River."
Amboy crater is supposed to have been formed 10,000 years ago in the Holocene ("age of man") and projectile point data from the area does indicate human habitation that long ago, so that pat fits. What I haven't found in a casual google search is a reference to how recently the inland sea receeded or dried up.
Since you know the area, any idea what this structure is?

Its in Newberry Springs, very close to the Bagdad Cafe and the rooflines and materials are similar.
It's been branded "Polynesian" on some travel sites, but I don't think so.

This is a mystery building in Daggot; it looks Alpine - the roof seems as if its designed to shed large amounts of snow and ice. I've read it used to be a cafe years ago. Neither it nor the previous structure seem logical in color or form to avoid Absorption of heat.

Thanks for your other travel pointers, if I get back out that way, I may be in less of a hurry to make a beeline to LA.

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