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Any info on Mai Tai Bar in Long Beach?

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Website says it just opened next to the Long Beach Aquarium. Their other location was just voted Best Bar in Hawaii by the Honolulu Advertiser (for whatever that is worth). The photos are hardly inspiring me to do battle with the 405 South to check it out. But the menu shows three different Mai Tais and tropical decor, with the promise of tropical music. Anyone have any more info or reviews? Thanks

Not to nit pick, but their "TRADITIONAL MAI TAI" is not a good start.

This classic blend of Bacardi Gold, Myers’s Dark and Lemon Hart 151 rum with fresh squeezed orange and pineapple juices.

I caught that as welll

Might not be a traditional mai-tai as we know it, but the late night happy hour sounds interesting:
Long Beach MaiTai Bar Promotions

WooHooWahine and I've been there a few times now and look forward to going back! They have two happy hours each day and during then you can get some great appetizers and drink specials. The mai tai isn't bad and there are other drinks on special all the time.....At midnight they serve warm chocolate chip cookies and milk.....Here kitty kitty!!!

Firepot Shrimp & Vegetable Potstickers.....(A must try!)

The best part is the decor/furniture! There are 3 or 4 rattan living room groups (sofa, love seat & 2 chairs) that you can sink back into....Very relaxing!!!! They have live music almost every night and TV's throughout to watch any important games...

The overall atmosphere is relaxed...They say they have a dress code, but I think that is to keep out the "riff-raff" (not that there is anything wrong with being labeled "riff-raff" as I'm sure I have been on occassion!)...Shorts and sandals and a t-shirt work.

It's next to Bubba Gumps and upstairs....I believe they are owned by B.G.

Anyone wants to go....Let's do it!

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WooHooo! The Mai Tai Bar is a fun place to kick back on a lazy afternoon. Soccer Tiki forgot to mention that they even have 2 different kinds of Tiki Mugs that you can purchase with your drink. All the drinks I've had there have left me WooHooing :)

On 2006-01-19 16:35, WooHooWahine wrote:
All the drinks I've had there have left me WooHooing :)

Alright WooHoo! That will be enough!
I'm drawing the Damn WooHoo line right here!


Sounds promising, but are there tikis?

Is this the same bar discussed on a prior thread - by Crazy Al - I think?


Definitely not the same one. The one you're thinking about is here:
this thread also contains C'Al's link to the creating tiki thread where some photos are posted.

No tikis I think, but let's see if they want some.

WoooHooo! Good idea Tiki Diablo. There's lots of room for Tiki's in the bar :)

On 2006-01-20 16:13, Tiki Diablo wrote:
No tikis I think, but let's see if they want some.

Create the market!

Desperately searching for the taste of the Mai Tai without the alcohol....


Definently not a "Tiki Bar" more like a commercial bar think (TGIF without the flair) with some tropical decor (there is a nice patio). Not worth the trip and we live just down the road. A more surf inspired bar with a better view is Buster's Beach House (in Seaport Village at the end of Marina Dr.), great food, big bar/stif drinks, they also have a pirate band on Sunday's!

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