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harro posted on Mon, Jan 23, 2006 4:49 AM

Howdy all,

Firstly I’d like to thank all the guys out there who take the time to post their carvings, step-by-steps, tips on methods, tools to use, and answering questions raised by amateurs like myself – without your priceless information I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to think I could just start chipping away at a log to create a tiki.

This is my first carving of any kind, and although it took a bit longer than expected, every step I did I learnt a lot, so now I know how to do it a lot better and faster next time.

I picked up some logs at the yard of a local tree-lopper (I have no idea what type of woods they are), and bought new tools such as: angle grinder, arbortech wood carver attachment, dremel type rotary tool with flexishaft, palm sander, propane torch, 4 good quality chisels and a powerstrop sharpening attachment.

So I started with the arbortech which took off a lot of wood quite fast. The inner sap wood was surprisingly a lot darker than the outer wood layers (does anyone know what type of wood this is?):

After torching:

After Staining:

After 4 coats of marine varnish:

Now I’ve got plenty more logs to get cracking on!

Thanks for looking (and thanks for all your help already!)


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