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Palms for Tikis

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I've got about 5 or 6 large (20 - 30 foot) Palm trees in my back yard that have to go soon because they are endangering the structure of the house (Especially in these Southern Cali. winds we got goin on right now). I want to save 1 or 2 for carving, but I was wondering if anyone knew if I could sell these beautys. Where, How? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

laney posted on Mon, Nov 25, 2002 8:00 PM

Jungle Music is a palm and cycad nursery. The owner is a member of the International Palm Society as am I. This article is one of many on their informative website. It is a SUPURB article on the selling and/or removal of mature trees. It also includes photos of species so that you can determine which type you have and if it is of any value. Chances are it is a common species and if you can get someone to take it for free-you're lucky.

Palms are very fiberous so be careful when cutting them down (they try to hang-on to the last thread -similar to bamboo). I've had to cut down several King and Mediterranian Palms lately due to a fatal fungus.
If you can post a picture I can identify them for you, but the article will tell you all you need to know. Good Luck.


Laney what a great web site, so much info.
It was the perfect answer.

I'm doubting that these palm trees are rare. I acutally have two species. I'm pretty sure I have two King Palms, which seem to be valuable but are not usually dug because of the low likelyhood of survival. The other species I am taking a wild stab at. I'm gonna go with Brahea Armata, which again is rarely dug, and probablly not valuable. Anyway, I'll post the pictures and see how close I was. Thank you Laney for the cornocopia of information, it is greatly appreciated. Out.

Looks like we're gonna have to take 'em down ourselves, four or five feet at a time with ropes and pulleys and sh*t. Plenty of palm for carving though...

I could sure use one of those here in Canada...free???

Would you consider a pine tree as trade?

laney posted on Wed, Nov 27, 2002 3:46 AM

Thanks for all the comments on the website referral. Maybe it'll spark some interest in palm collecting also. There are several species of palms and cycads (very slow growing) that do not reach those heights and will add a tropical touch to your yard. Feel free to ask for links or info.

Another warning when taking down those palms, especialy if they are close to your house. Palms are dense and deceptively heavy. I was surprised when we took down the first King. The crown alone will easily go through your roof. We used ropes, a chainsaw, and a tall ladder. I've got another King to take down so I've got plenty to carve but I'm sure you could find some T.C.ers who will help for free palm wood and drinks after!


I've carved a few tikis, some with great success and others with unforseeable long term failure. Mexican Fan Palms (your generic palm tree) work great. My results with King Palms (and I consulted H.R.H. Leroy on this--very forthcoming with carving info.) were like Shrinky Dink tikis over time. They had dried for months, but many months insufficient. Not only did they wrinkle and contort their own designs, but they started losing surface pieces. It was really sad to watch my efforts compost before my eyes. I'd hit up a few others before you spend too much time and effort on these. Best of luck. Possibly longer drying time might make a big difference. Leroy told me that patience was the true virtue of a tiki carver.

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