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What should be the fate of the world's largest tiki mug? This piece was debuted at the Big O'Bash.

Aloha Chiki,

Love that Tiki Mug. Saw it at Bamboo Bens recently. Let's fill it with grog, gather the TC tribe and all drink simultaneously out of it with very long straws!


Uncle Arty :drink:

I say we do the World's record at one of our bigger Southern California tiki events such as Tiki Oasis. I just checked the Guiness Records site and nothing comes up under Mai Tai or tiki mug, but they don't list all their records on their site...

If this seems like a plan, I'll be happy to contact the Guiness people if you like and set it up. Do you have exact measurements for the mug and can you guestimate what the capacity of the mug is?
You could probably get a bit of publicity for the mug and make it even more collectible... After that you could auction it off on eBay (maybe with a small percentage of the sales going to support an Intl. Tiki Day party!!?!

[ Edited by: Futura Girl on 2002-11-27 00:39 ]

Futura Girl,
I was thinking the exact same thing. Something with the Guiness folks might be possible. Would certainly provide exposure to Chiki's work!


Do you have a picture of the WLTM, for those of us that could not attend the Big O'Bash?

SullTiki wrote:
Do you have a picture of the WLTM, for those of us that could not attend the Big O'Bash?

Note the 8-1/2" x 11" flyer against the WLTM, the parasol (as the drink umbrella), the ball (as the cherry), and how much higher the WLTM is in comparison to the electrical outlets on the wall....hopefully that will give you some perspective as to how big it is.


(photo courtesy of Alnshely)

Hey thanks for the pics SCD. I like Futura Girl's idea. I checked out a Guiness book at the local bookstore and didn't see any record for us, so I guess this could work. A record for the largest Mai Tai and tiki mug. I'm down with donating some $$ from the sale of the mug too. Maybe an art show with TC carvers and artists with some of the proceeds going to Bong's Tiki day. Attract some press for TC and all.I was talking to Futura girl and CB Howly that a thing at the Tikis would be cool. What do you think Sven?

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