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Do You See Tiki?

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I was having breakfast at Cappy's last weekend and I couldn't help noticing how the rock pillars looked like Tikis.

I see them out of the corner of my eye...

In the trees...

In the shadows...

Anyone else?

Do you see Tiki?

I have written about this "Tiki Ghosting" in an old Tiki News, and recently in reply to Sabu's "Old Tiki found in Mar Vista, CA":

I can tell you are suffering from (or blessed by) advanced Tiki oversensitization. This is usually diagnosed when the "Tiki-in-the-corner-of-the-eye" symptom occurs, which is a drive by phenomenon. Cruising through urban blight and clutter, all of a sudden one believes to have seen a Tiki in passing. Most of the time it turns out to be a hedge or a sign post, sometimes one can see the shape of a Tiki in it.

This happens after prolonged Tiki hunting on fleamarkets and thrift stores, or the opposite way, after being deprived of Tiki imagery for long periods.
If these Tiki apparitions continue under normal conditions and modest Tiki exposure, a week of Tiki fasting might be beneficial.

In extreme cases, a therapy akin to Stanley Kubricks Clockwork Orange Eye lid clamp sequence might be neccessary.

Dr. Tikistein


With me, it almost always occurs when I see one of those german beer steins at the Goodwill out of the corner of my eye.

It rarely happens outside, as I have yet to see a tiki here in Ontario. So I am not sensitized to outside tiki look alike stimulation, only thrift store look alike stimulation.

I would guess it is a milder form of the mania, easily treatable with an all expenses paid trip to the Caliente Tropics. Anyone care to help fund my treatment?

The other day I saw a drain pipe thingy that had, in my opinion, moai-esque features. I pointed it out to Wierd Uncle Tiki and he concurred. I felt validated.

My hairstylist uses this spray bottle, which I thought looked a little moai-ish. Wishful thinking, really.


1900: "Anyone who has ever seen them is thereafter haunted as if by a feverish dream." Karl Woermann on Tikis

That spraybottle is quite moai.


Dr. Tikistein,

Tried the "Clockwork Orange" method yesterday. Didn't work. Still seeing tiki! :wink:

"I got mind mind on my moai
and my moai on my mind."

That is one cool spray bottle!

I see dead tikis... They're everywhere... They don't know that they're dead...


I caught this today, out of the corner of my eye, at the supermarket:

I was excited until I saw it in full view.

I ate a Swanson's frozen chicken patty dinner this evening, and I will be darned if the thing I saw pop out of my microwave wasn't a tiki-shaped chicken patty! Before smothering it with BBQ, I prayed to the almighty tiki gods of the tiki room, thanking them for blessing my meal with their seal of approval! Swanson's seems to be the official TV Dinner of choice! :)

Wish I could have gotten a pic of it before it left my plate.

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