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Lake Tung Ting, Centerport, NY (restaurant)

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Name:Lake Tung Ting

Ok, here's another defunct fallen idol on Long Island, at least so it appears from the abandoned building that is seemingly frozen in time. For several years now, Lake Tung Ting, an apparently elegant and sprawling former chinese restaurant next to a lovely lake in scenic Centerport, has been left to decay. Sadly, I never got the chance to eat there. Upon close inspection, it looks like the staff left in a hurry, as all the tables and even a baby grand piano remain in the lounge area. Must have been nice in its time. Does anyone have any info on this place? I'd love to know what happened, whether it would technically fall into the category of tiki (which it really looks like it might - even the chinese/tikiesque style), and whether there are any plans for this building. The location is lovely and right next to an operational motel, I believe called The Chalet.

Tung Ting was a great hangout in the 80's. You'd go to dinner at the Chinese restaurant, get drunk on Mai Tai's, and then go to the motel. It was nicknamed....are you ready??????
"The Chew & Screw"

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