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Trader Vics Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan (restaurant)

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Name:Trader Vics Taipei

Very Nice restaurant, 7th floor with a view of downtown Taipei.


Sorry, this link is totally busted.

Update: verizon has left the building. My pictures are all gone...

[ Edited by: tikigap 2009-10-27 15:07 ]


Since the images posted by tikigap mysteriously disappeared, I thought I'd post a few I took recently.

Strangely, despite living within an hour of three Trader Vics, this is the location I've visited most — even though it's over 6000 miles away.

The staff at this location is very attentive and enthused to have someone take an interest in the restaurant. They asked all kinds of questions about some of the other locations.

The only small quibbles I had were that they won't sell mugs — since they buy them from one of the Japan locations — and the house music is Latin rather than Polynesian, similar to the London location. Everything else was outstanding. Did I mention the staff was stellar?

Unlike the London location, they were proud and happy to have me take photos of the place. (I'll post my highly illicit London photos another time.)

Enough blather! Where are the pics?

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In that first picture, on what looks like the host station there is a Ruth's Chris logo. Is this TV doing double duty as a Ruth's Chris? Is this common for TV? This is a phenomenon that always freaks me out when I'm traveling back east or in Canada, restaurants (mostly fast food) joining forces under the same roof.

Anyway, this is an important detail about this particular location. I've only recently managed to dine at a Ruth's Chris and found it superb. It's not that I've ever had any complaints about the food at any Trader Vic's, but the idea of the superior mixology of TV in league with the steaks of Ruth's Chris makes my head spin.



Good question. Trader Vics is on the 7th floor of this building, Ruth's Chris is on the 2nd floor. It's pretty common in Asia for one elevator to take you to different establishments in the same building. Handy too. If you step out and don't like the looks of a place, it's easy enough to check out the next joint. In this case, you could easily hit TV's for drinks and zip downstairs for dinner.

There's also a McDonalds on the ground floor, so you could finish the night with a McFlurry. :)

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The power of Google tells me William Ko is the entrepreneur behind both. Don't know about McDonald's. I'd totally go for a Chicken McNugget happy meal appetizer. I wonder if you could get your Ruth's Chris sent to your TV table?

Maybe an apple pie for the cab ride home...


Hey great pics SV... I noticed the latin music too. But Ting Ting,

if she still works there, well, she was somethin'. :wink:

Here's a cool tiki there too:

[ Edited by: tikigap 2006-11-07 21:46 ]

I was in Taipei again last week so I had to drop by Trader Vic's and have a Gun Club Punch.
Just the week before I had dinner at the Palo Alto location. That's two locations about 6000 miles apart in less than 10 days. I don't know if that's a record or what, but it sure was fun.

It was a quiet Thursday night when I walked in but it started getting busier as I made my way back out into the wilds of Taipei

The all-important pictures

Note that some locations listed on the sign no longer exist.

Why yes, I do travel with my own drinking mug even overseas. Turned out it was a big hit with the ladies on the staff.
"So cute!" They all took pictures with it.

Lovely lady. Lucky mug.

Making friends.

Do visit if you ever get the chance.

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[ Edited by: fez monkey 2010-06-12 00:55 ]

Zeta posted on Sat, Jun 12, 2010 7:18 AM

Gracias Fez Monkey! Huge contributor to Tiki Central! Great pictures! I want to see the London ones too!

Nice work on the Tikis here in this location!

Fez Monkey,

Great pictures and I like your check list ~

• Exterior
• Interior
• Tikis
• Drinks
• Ladies (when possible)

Please keep globetrotting. :)

Great looking place - I would loveto visit there. The mural looks quite unique - almost looks like the art you'd find in a 'Curious George' book, crossed with Lilo and Stitch. I think it is very fun. Thanks for the post - I am always so jealous of all of you 'travelers'.

Is the Taipei Trader Vic's still around? It's no longer listed on the corporate website.

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