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Mai Tai Bar, Long Beach, CA (restaurant)

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Name: Mai Tai Bar
Type: restaurant
Street: 97 Aquarium Way (The Pike)
City: Long Beach
State: CA
Zip: 90802
country: USA
Status: Closed

Hawaiian themed restaurant with bar. There are no actual booths, but several rattan couches and chairs are set up "living-room style" to create a less formal atmosphere. There's a stage for live music. There's also a patio with ceiling fans, heaters, and gas tiki-torches a la Waikiki. There are no tikis.
There are tiki mugs, but they're only used if you buy the mug. The mug is a Libbey mug, pretty neat design, with the logo on the back.
The place was pretty clean, but I didn't visit the restroom. They have several large bouncers wearing security shirts, but everyone was friendly. Parking is in the structure near the aquarium, or across the street in the Pike.
There's a website:
There's additional discussion in this thread:
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The Mrs and I went here on Friday night. They open at 4pm, and supposedly have a dress code. We didn't have any food. The drinks were okay, pretty strong, but the mai tai was not the best I've had. Tasted like pineapple juice. You can buy a tiki mug, and they'll serve any drink in it. If I remember correctly, the tab for one mai tai, tiki mug, and a rum and coke was between $20 and $30. There was a two-man band playing island music on Friday night, with songs like "Little Grass Shack". Not bad. Unfortunately, the music was so loud, you have to shout to be heard, regardless of where you're at. The place could have been better if the music wasn't so loud, and if it hadn't been so cold that night. There was a pretty good breeze, and being right on the harbor, it got pretty cold. Even with the heaters, it was too cold for the Mrs. There are no windows, or walls separating the dining room from the patio, so the cold kind of gets everywhere. Probably not the best place I've ever been, but if you're at the aquarium or something, might be worth a visit.

Continuing to check out my new "digs"...I finally made it down the street to this place. Not too bad. The couchs on the patio are a nice touch as you look out at the Queen Mary. I got there around 9pm and found out that they have a nightly special with most of thier drinks for $4. I found that I REALLY enjoyed the Icy Mai Tai. Simply a strong Mai Tai poured over Hawaiian Ice. Yum! I can tell that as the night goes on the crowd turns into more of a "Club Scene". That was my cue to jump on the bus to "Puka Bar" ( Gotta love that free Long Beach Passport Bus...). I won't find myself at Mai Tai all the time...but for a hot Thusday night it did the trick. I think I dropped $22 on 4 Icy Mai Tais, a couple of chicken skewars and some tasty garlic flatbread. Now I'm looking forward to going to "Cliftons" in LA tomorrow......


Went there yesterday after E Hula Mau and ordered a classic Mai Tai and the waitress said they are out of the ingredients. She then informed me that it was actually their last day open. She was told 2 days prior. She even said that a waitress had transferred from the Honolulu location a month ago. I feel sorry for her! Apparently they weren't getting enough business. Mai Tai Bar Long Beach is pau!

Took a look at their website. Looks like they have a location in Daytona Beach. Next time I'm up that way, I'll have to check it out.


A news article with details about the Mai Tai Bar

Grunion Gazette: Business Beat-Mai Tai bar


That's too bad. It wasn't my favorite place but I didn't hate it.

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