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Taboo Tiki Cruiser Siting in SB

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I was just downtown and saw one of these bikes outside of Mel's bar. I would have gone inside to track down the owner, but i was on a very short break from work. Belong to anyone in here? Tiki Rider 5-0?

Hey Trader Rick, about Mel's, my wife claims that I spilled her drink on her at Mel's. It was I think our second date and we dropped by for a drink. She took one to go? I'll be in S.B. Fri-Sun. Carlitos for drinks fri?

Shoot, I think I gotta work, man. I will email you off-list to let you know.

I really thought someone on here would have claimed ownership of that bike but I guess Tiki Rider 5-0 is the only guy who has one. Oh well


Thanks for the shout, but sorry it wasnt mine...too far for me to ride after a couple of mai tais.

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