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Dairy Queen, Grove City, OH (restaurant)

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Name:Dairy Queen
Street:1779 Stringtown Rd
City:Grove City

Hours: 11 AM to 10 PM

This is a tiki-themed Dairy Queen, not a full-on tiki restaurant. But the owners could not have done it more tiki and still call it a DQ!

I "met" the owner online while trying to buy a Kahiki item from her. She asked how I knew to come to the closing party for the Kahiki - ha! She told me:

"My husband and I love the Polynesian style too so got married in Hawaii. We always celebrated anniversaries at the Kahiki. We have 5 restaurants and of course the theme in one of them is Polynesian."

I asked her for more info on her Polynesian restaurant and she answered:

"It's not a Polynesian restaurant - it's just themed. It's a Dairy Queen!...There is a big tiki god water fountain like at Kahiki when you walk in. There are 3 large fish tanks, one is salt water and there is a thatched roof over them. Two of the corner booths are grass huts and the chairs are all bamboo. The walls have a bamboo wall paper with different Kahiki items, a 6 foot tiki god, nets, surf board, islands of Hawaii made by a Hawaiian friend, shells, etc. The employees wear hawaiian shirts and leis. It is still a work in progress as we have only been open for about 6 months and add decorations as can afford them. It's certainly not on the same level as the Kahiki, but it's fun."

She sent me some photos (which I still haven't learned how to post :roll: ), but the place really looks great and as tiki (and NOT just "island") as they could make it without changing the name to "TQ". There are even DQ logos and hamburgers in the tiki that is a fountain, and not grossly/blatantly. Yes, really. Trust me.

I'm assuming the Belt-Busters don't come with pineapple slices, not do the shakes have rum, but if ya gotta do fast food on the road, I'll take a TQ over a MacDonald's any day.

(BTW- Does anyone know if the tiki McDonalds somewhere in Ohio still exists? We were all told to see it when we made the Kahiki closing pilgrimage, but I can't find a thing here anymore under Search.)

Somebody get out there and see this place!


That's great. I'm pretty sure there's a tiki McDonalds somewhere North of Columbus on I-71 too. Mentor or Marion maybe?

There's instructions on how to post pics in the FAQ's and on the home page on the left-hand side you'll see a link to it under the heading "For New Users".

I'm still in Atlanta, but when I get back to Columbus I might have to head out to Grove-tucky for a Hot-Dog and a Dilly Bar.

Yeah, I know the instructions for posting are very very readily available (you'll note I'm fairly long in the tooth 'round these parts!)- but knowing and doing are two entirely different animals!! (Quelle loser moi)

But do please check out the TQ, Kaikana (or Jeff Central or ANYone up there)! I really want the super-nice owners to get their props for going out on a (bamboo) limb with their store.

And why don't you do the tiki McDonald's? It's not posted here yet, but having neither the address nor knowing even the township, I'd feel gun-jumpy writing it up myself:

Name: McDonald's
Type: Restaurant
Street: uh,...
City: ummm,...
State: OHIO! Yes, Ohio!!
Zip: well,...
Phone: (embarrassed shuffle)
Status: cough cough

Description: um, a McDonald's...with some tiki stuff...

Yeah, I'll allow somebody else the pleasure of posting the other Ohio tiki fast food oasis - provided that they can say more than I just did!!

F the Non-Posting Luddite

Since Hanford has made posting easy even for a dolt like me, here ya go (only 4 years later):

And I suspect it's tons better looking now, with 4 more years of fixing up under its belt[buster].

Like I said, it ain't no Kahiki or Mai Kai, but if I have to grab a quick burger on the road, I'd stop here before McDonald's ANY day :)


That's the coolest DQ I have ever seen that's for sure .Thanks foe posting Alice .

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