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Chef Orient in Framingham, MA (restaurant)

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Name:Chef Orient in Framingham, MA
Street:1583 Worcester Rd.
Phone:(508) 628-9227

Hey i searched these forums and i never found any topic about Chef Orient, it's a well-rounded (mainly) japanese restaurant, but you can get served Polynesian foods and tropical drinks (no joke!). So when i was looking at the website for this place you can get stuff such as: a Head Hunter, Suffering bastard, Mai Tai, a Zombie, and Barbados Stinger (And that's not all of em!) They also serve Polynesian foods, for example: Chow Mein, i'm sure not very Polynesian but they serve it under that category. Anyways i've been to the place before and it's an excellent restaurant! And Oh yes, they do have a cocktail Lounge!

A MUST on any food-lover's list!

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Hey PockyTiki,

Thanks for the research! You're on FIRE, newbie!
I spent a summer near Framingham, in Southboro. Wish I'd known about this place then.

What's the decor like - any bamboo, tikis, grass matting, etc.?
We LOVE to know what these places look like inside (if they have or ever had any tiki decor)!

well lets see what I can remember from first hand experience. You come through two glass doors, and right after u enter on your left there is a fish pond that alot of people throw pennies into, with some awesome fish. You enter another set of doors and you're greeted by the staff behind a large counter, on the right is the lounge, on the left is the sushi bar and right next to it is the Teppanyaki cooking (Awesome stuff). I've never been into the lounge, considering i've only been there for my birthday and another party my family had, i only been at the sushi bar and table cooking. From what i gather the lounge is supposedly very pretty. I cant find many pictures, but i assure you it's worth a visit.

I work near there. It had more tiki when it was a Mexican restaurant. Good chow tho'.

more tiki when it was mexican? What the hell? How does that work? lol

Indeed. So devoid of tiki is he Chef Orient that if the Mexican restaurant had hung a colored light, shown a bit of thatch or mixed a decent drink, they would have been more "tiki".

....so true.

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