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Has anyone proposed the idea of having a Tiki Surf Contest, with attached Luau and Bonfire? Just a thought.



That's what I like about Bong; short and to the point.

I think that would be cool to do down at San-O some time. Really do it like they used to do.

Well then! I'm proposing the idea. We should have a Tiki Surf Contest. At San Onofre. Awards could be given out for Best Wave, Longest Wave, Worst Wipeout, etc....Judges could be non-surfers and that would make it all the more fun. C'mon Bong, I know you want to rip it up for us.



I'm in. But as far as I'm concerned, if it's gonna be at San O, it needs to be in the Summer.

Also, I think we should only have 1 contest - get drunk and surf!


Im in, bong I heard you also longboard. Anyboady else like the log. I ride a 9'6 infinity , its still new to me and since I dont get out to cali that much I'll more then likly get best wipe out :)

San Onofre in the summer sounds perfect. Getting Drunk before surfing in contest sounds better. Hula Hula, I ride a 9'2" Becker and my surfing partner is Luckydesigns and he's on a 9'0" Stewart. I'm on the younger side, but I got over the shortboard aggro mentality real quick.......so it's been cruisin' at Old Mans for me.


i am so in. i think san o is good and the sooner the better. there is no time like the winter to surf the tasty cold big waves of that the northwest tikis provide. please i want to help organize. i am a 9'0 rider.

this sounds great


Not that size matters, but I ride a 10' Robert August as he's a neighbor of mine. I surf year round and think nothing of cold water at 6 am, but I don't think San O works well in the winter - it's real hit and miss.

I mean if we set this up, manage to squeeze into the line up at Old Mans, and the big IF, if there's surf, it could work. But for all the logistics I think a more sure thing is a good south swell in the Summer.

Hey bong... why don't you guys come up to Lake Michigan for the tiki surf contest. Water's not too cold right now... 40 degrees... warmer than the air right now... 27 degrees...

Check out this bomb just north of where I live... yes, this is Lake Michigan... notice the lack of salt water foam...

Though if I had too, I'd surf San O any day... winter or summer...

Here's one from a friend in Chicago taken just this past weekend...

Its like surfing in Mad Max down there...

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I have been riding 9 or greater for the last 8 years. My friend has a Board Co, So I slide his shapes mostly. I just went out and bought a new wettie due to the temp drop her in the Monterey Bay. BRRRR.
A TC surf contest could be a blast. A tiki Surf Safari even better. I am interested, Don't they have camping near by San-O?



You guys got some stones man! I've never surfed water colder than 53 degrees. Does the lake break on a regular basis?


San O has miles of camping along miles of beaches. Much opportunity.


Do we really need surf for this to happen? Don't get me wrong, I love a head high shoulder with a speedy, hollow section on the inside, But does it matter. Couldn't we have just as much fun if it was thigh high and choppy. We're gonna be wasted anyway remember.

Here are 2 shots of me and Luckydesigns doin' our thing at T-Street in San Clemente, Ca.

I'm a regular.

Lucky is just goofy.

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Being stuck on the east coast and cursed with small mushy waves I gave up on trying to ride a surfboard about 15 years ago - I've been bodyboarding for 21 years and even though bodyboarding doesn't have the same cool style that longboarding does I think it would be a great addition to the contest. Not that I would be able to make the contest but, would anyone be willing to show me the spots next time I make it to CA?


I'll carve a small tikihead trophy for the winner. Maybe we can do this on Tiki Day& have a full day of events.


no please no,

maybe we can work this out. early summer might work. i am moving to the great nw from san diego in july and i would love to be a part of this event. i am the blue hawaii type tiki seeker, sans the southern accent. f it, lets do a summer and winter competition, to fall on the equinox.

yeah, to be like natives or something.

winter equinox it is then.


All right! Let's surf! The bong never bails on blazing barrels!

'God damnit, you wanna surf or you wanna fight, cause charlie don't surf!'


Someone else set it up cause I'm done setting gigs up for a bit (OC Mini-crawl, OA/Bahooka, Kona Lanes, San Diego)


That sounds like a something right up our alley! My husband Gogo's from Newport and he loves to longboard. I, however would love to mix the cocktails...my blue tarantula margies are the bomb! Ofre is the perfect spot for a tiki surf contest. Winter, summer, spring, or fall ...whatever it is...Gogo surfs it all! Peace out, Deb

Nice peeler pics y'all. Dana Brown's new surf movie "Step into Liquid" should be out soon. For those who don't know, Dana is the son of Bruce Brown who filmed "Endless Summer." I think the new movie may have some mid west surf footage in it.


As for the contest, I like the idea of the surf contest being held on the Global Tiki Day, But I will surf at any time. I would also like to help in anyway I can, but my distance may be a hinderance. I can create artwork, make flyers, t-shirts, stickers etc, host and build a webpage, or make a banner. Maybe luckydesigns and I can team up on this. Sounds like we need a So. Cal ringleader to step up and
give Bong a much deserved break.

Kumai! Kumai! Ka nalu nou mai Kahiki mai, Alo poi pu! Ku mai ka pohuehue, Hue! Kaiko Loa.

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I'm in. Maybe we should get a caravan going from O.C.

Hey there Tiki Bong... compared with the East Coast and California summers the lakes break fairly consistant, though summer has flat spells. It's windswell so we need a big low or high pressure gradient difference, those happen most when the seasons change. In the fall its not rare to surf 2 or three days a week depending on jetstream track and storms.

Step Into Liquid will have footage, though I hope they don't make everyone look like kooks. The waves they filmed were real small but we had a yearly surf party with all the great lakes surfers raging. Yes, surfers here have some stones, and they're a real soulful group...

Here's a typical Sept.wave. Photo by brian stabinger...

A fun idea, taken from the SF Surfshop Slopfest, a yearly event in the summer.
6 man heats, longest ride, in terms of seconds, wins. I have participated. Its really fun especially when the surf is slop, like the San Francisco summer can be.
Award is given to best manuever as well.

Chonger, I would love to help out with the design of the event. I work for Rusty surfboards so I may have relitively cheap access to tee shirts. This should be fun. Now if there was only some surf.....

Blackies in Newport works in the winter and puts out nice small long board waves without a 100 yard paddle. The only problem is that there's no booze allowed on the beach.

By the way, I just found out that a big west swell is reported to hit tomarrow. I'm callin in sick from work and Lapu and I will be out at Blackies tomarrow morning at 8:00.

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Pics of me and my latest "session"

Me shralping the face of a nice "wave" in my front yard.........damn do I hate winter!!!!


Just Cold!!!

Aloha from the enchanted Pi Yi Lanai in freezing ass cold, snow covered Bel Air Maryland!

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