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Bora Bora Restaurant-Tiki That Got Away

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Found a matchbook for the Bora Bora (polynesian cuisine) in Encino, Ca that triggered somrthing in my tiki brain.

3-4 years ago I was called out to a home in Encino to install a new furnace. On arrival I was blown away by two large 4-5' tikis by the front door.

I asked the owner if he would like to trade part of the install for one or both tikis. He said he would think about it. When I finished he relayed the story of how he aquired them. A friend of his owned the restaurant and when it was closing, asked if he wanted them. He said he wasn't that into them but would hold them until he wanted them back. He was tempted to trade one of them but thought he should hang on to them for a while in case his friend wanted them back. I gave him my # and asked him to call me if he wanted to get rid of them. Still haven't heard from him.

One of the tikis had a speaker in it's mouth which he said was used to announce when a patron's table was ready.

Now I can't find his # or remember his address so I can't call him.

I am sad. At least I have the matchbook. Nice tiki on the cover. I will have to try to post a picture.

Anyone remember this restaurant?

I think I'd be digging through invoices and work orders!

Aaaah, the Bora Bora Room! That was a good one, very elaborate. For interiors see page 66 (the mini village back bar) and 67 (the night exterior diorama) of the BOT. They also had a Tiki with a payphone in it's chest.
Talk to the elders at Oceanic Arts...



I vaguely remember setting the invoice "somewhere", to remember to call him once a year...now if I could just figure out where "somewhere" is. Can't find my old Tiki News copies either...probably with that damn invoice! One day I will get rid of my extraneous junk and will find some treasures

Here are the pix of the Bora Bora matchbook-1st attempt at posting pix-hope it works

Holy cow...size does matter! Hope you brought your magnifying glass....I'll have to try to repost those...if anyone wants to see them that is...


Bongo, Your posting the thumbnails. Click view on the top of the Shutterfly page. Open your picture and then Right click and check properties. Copy and paste.

Thanks Al,

I was just about to send you an email to see what I did wrong. I was using your directions but I am somewhat computer challenged.

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