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Mobile Home Park Tiki -Canoga Park

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Thought you might enjoy this entrance guardian to a MHP in the San Fernando Valley

I grew up in Canoga Park! I never saw that dude! Where is he?


Hi Chongolio,

I was so jazzed to be able to post a picture (Thanks again Al) that I stuck that up there without much info. I took that pic a couple years ago, so I will check the Thomas Guide and elaborate later.....



I went back to the MHP, Congolio I think it is in Winnetka, not CP. If anyone wants to check it out it is at 8800 Eton Ave, Canoga Blvd. North, right on Parthenia, 1st left on Eton. you can't miss it on the right side. Surrounded by cut off telephone poles.

The tiki out front has been painted in festive holiday neon.

Soneone had the spirit to add a tiki in front of their coach.

The office. There is a pool in the back. Tikis and huts painted on the side of the building and pool area.

Streets have names like Aloha Ave. and Leileini Lane.


Thanks Bongofury!

I'm definitely going to make a pilgrimage next time I'm in the Valley and visit this fellow.

Usually I don't like the look of painted tikis, (although I know it does keep them from rotting sooner), but I kinda like the paint job on this one. I think it enhances him.


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