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NEW! Monkey Love Paintings-Seattle Show- April 14th

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Hello all!

For people living in and around Seattle:

I will be showing two brand new monkey/native girl paintings from my "Monkey Love" series at Roq La Rue Gallery in
an all women show (with 3 other great painters). Opening April 14th...it's called the "Ever After" show...a companion show to the "Once Upon a Time" show.

Gallery link-


These new paintings are now posted on my website and they were just featured on http://www.boingboing.net yesterday. 8)

Check them out here:

They are the first two on this page- "The Nibbler" and "The Two Timer".

I will also be showing monkey/girl paintings in Santa Monica, CA soon (April 22nd is the grand opening of a brand new gallery) and I will let you know more about that later.

Thanks for looking!!



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