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another TIKI bar going down

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This report from Terence Gunn, DJ and Bon Vivant formerly of Seattle:

This is Terence Gunn. I'm currently living in Wells, ME at the
moment. I've become friends with the owner of King Tiki in
Portsmouth, NH. I've also been doing a little DJing there on Fridays

  • although not the usual "lounge" fare. Unfortunately, Portsmouth is
    way behind the times, completely lacks sophistication, and has no
    love for jazz; not to mention is a very small town. All the punters
    who frequent King Tiki are still stuck in the late 1980s; still into
    punk, new wave, heavy metal, and alternative (as well as, of course,
    rap and hip-hop). Lots of dopey college kids dressed in drab drinking
    Pabst Blue Ribbon out of a can. King Tiki's most successful night is
    Thursday night's Heavy Metal Karaoke. That should give an idea of
    what the place has turned into. It's really too bad. The place is
    absolutely fantastic, and the owners, Robert and Melissa Jasper, are
    genuinely into the whole retro scene and are two of the most
    generous, friendly people I've ever met. The biggest problem,
    however, is the rent they pay - a whopping $8000/month. They've only
    been barely breaking even, and solely relying on their other
    business, The Friendly Toast, to carrying them through. It's a pity I
    didn't live here a couple years ago - or they, likewise, in Seattle.
    Things could've turned out much different for them. Their landlord is
    willing to work with them on a new business idea, which, I've been
    told, is going to be a retro-styled Coney Island food take-away
    joint. Basically, something unique; and something that will cater to
    the locals who can't afford the cost of, nor the time for, the
    downtown restaurants. I wish them all the best.

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