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Dear Santa Tiki....................

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Dear Santa Tiki,
For Christmas I'd like..........


Tiki-wise, I'd like a "Sufferin' B" under the tree. Non-Tiki-wise, aka otherwise, cash works! Tens and twenties...all I want is my fair share, all I want is what I have coming to me.

For everyone else I want good health, good friends, and plenty of Rum in the cabinet! If that don't float the boat, take a peek at my crap on Ebay:

Midnite's Sale

midnite :drink:

EDIT: Barnacles! I am trying to write a nice HTML link for my sale...no dice.
EDIT2: I am so cool!

[ Edited by: midnite_tiki on 2002-12-05 14:57 ]

I would like a uke, surfboard, or a tiki pole.
On second thought, make that an eye patch and a white ruffled shirt! That would be sooo zazz.


My wife has ordering things from the internet and boxes have arrived from america, i think I'm getting tiki's this christmas :)

Shag Decanter set
And an all expense paid trip to Hawaii!

Anything....as long as its not made of resin.

Basement Kahuna could send me his tiki from the Luau Restaurant...


I'd like a house with a basement to build a tiki bar in!

It's just not quite the same displaying your mugs in a bright white kitchen.

I'd like a mug from every tiki hut my Grandfather Eli Hedley decorated. If you can't do it Santa, E-bay here I come. Oh ya, and world peace too!


I hereby propose that Santa Tiki's official name be change to "Ol' Saint Vic".

Sabu's request is not extravagant. All he wants is this:




I wanted to check out your request but I'm at work and got the ever-popular 'Forbidden by Web Master' message. Damn firewall!

bamboo ben wrote:
Dear Santa Tiki,
For Christmas I'd like..........

A Xylophone, marimbas, bongos, and sex.

Oops, sorry, I didn't mean that. I can scratch the marimbas from my list.

Dear Santa,

I would like a blow-job from my wife and some more sex from her also. Can she borrow your santa suit, not that it will fit her or anything, well, make that a nice sexy Mrs. Santa Suit, one that you can see through, but toss it on the floor to see if it looks good laying there cause thats where it is going to be anyway. Oh and a new Fender American Strat would be nice also.

Thank you,

Why lie, Lets get to what we really want!


I sincerely hope you were really, really drunk when you wrote that!

damn dude!

[ Edited by: bigbadtikidaddy on 2002-12-09 18:17 ]


...and he wants it from his WIFE! (sniff) That is so sweet.


Bag 'O Glass & Johnny Switchblade, Adventure Punk!



Oh, like yall dont want no blow jobs or sex this christmas under a well lit tree! Ba humbug to all you who lie about it.

Just be careful of the needles from the Christmas tree.....

Trader Woody

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