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Weird-A$$ Dream

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Last night I had a dream that included Luckydesigns and Lapurocker (go figure?). We were at some shopping center late at night, in the City of Dreamland. Anyway, I peered into the window of this automotive repair shop and saw a half-gallon jug of water in the shape of a Moai with a red cap on top.

I remember saying 'I want that', but the shop was closed. Right then the owner walks out the door and says he would trade it for an apple pie.

I knew there was a Marie Calenders close by so I began looking for it. Couldn't find it!

But think about it - bottled water in the shape of a Moai (with a red cap).

Don't drag me into your perverse world you sicko.
But really, I just had that same dream....

that is so weird, I had the same dream too. But, one little difference, instead of Bong trying to get the tiki.....HE WAS THE TIKI. He was carved as a tiki, with all the fixins. So, I found the apple pie and traded it to get Bong back. Then Spike was eaten by Godzilla. And Bong waddled away into the night.......what.

I forgot to tell you Bong, that gift was for decoration only. If you do anything else than decorate with it, it'll make you have odd dreams.

I think we have to anal-eyes this dream.

First the 3 main characters in the dream.
This should represent the man 3-way that Bong has always dreamed of.
Shopping in Dreamland.
Next comes the dream of wrapping gifts, and baking.
Peering threw the window, looking at his own life.
The repair shop represents the man-job he wished he could do without breaking a nail.
The Moai is clearly Daddy, the red cap is his bottom after being spanked with a feather boa for hours and hours.
"I want that" is the same as "don't-stop don't-stop.
The shop being closed was his one doorway to becoming Hetro.
Apple pie? All we need is wrapping gifts and he will be complete.
After the split his father took him deep into the back alleys of San Francisco, Marie Callendars = mother figure.
I couldn't find it = I can't find her
So he went from bar to bar saying "will you be my Mommy"

The others having the same dream clearly states that they are still in the same bed. Pictures can be seen at
The only way to break this bond is to hose them off with cold water.
Butt the simple truth is that no matter what we do they will always be connected in the end.

Your friend in therapy


Bax I suggest you get into therapy right away! :wink: http://www.hugemagazine.com/html/dream.html


I thought you and I were the 3 man dream, with me being 2.75 of the men!

Wow there must be something in he air, I had a tiki dream last night but it wasn't nearly as interesting as yours. I was in the back of an open vehicle, like a jeep, or an el Camino or something. As we were driving down the street I noticed a restaurant that looked Hawaiian in nature. At first I thought it was a Trader Vics but then realized the name just said, "Vic's". I kept thinking I had to remember where this place was so I could come back and check it out but as we kept driving I saw a bar and at first glance I thought the name was Tiki Ti's but when I looked again I noticed it said, "Icky Ti's", as we kept driving I saw a marquee above a place announcing a band called, "The Thurstons". I suddenly realized that the entire street was full of Hawaiian/Tiki influenced bars, restaurants, and other attractions. It was like if the strip in Vegas was completley Tiki. Then I woke up.


It's nice to see that Bongo is finally able to talk about his 2.75.
That is the 1st step to recovery.
Sam I gotta work on your dream a bit more.
Dawn as you can tell by my expert interpretation I have been in therapy since I stopped my 6 years of ritalin abuse.

This dream reminds me that I have a tiki "sports bottle" that is a purple plastic moai with a lid with a straw built in. I drink tiki punch out of it, of course.

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