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Have just released my inner tiki

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Hello to all,

I'd like to introduce myself..My name is Jeff and my girlfrined is Jordan. We are college students at the University of Alabama. I'm just about to start my MA in archaeology and she is about half way done with her degree in studio art.
Anyway, I have always had a desire to allow my tikiness to be shown and we a presently in the midst of constructing our home bar and starting our collection.
I cannot wait to become more invovled here at the site as there is not much a tiki scene here in tuscaloosa, Al. However, we have made a number of finds in local thriftstores. So i know this town has it somewhere!


Aloha Jeff & Jordan,

Let me be the first to welcome you to the life we call tiki. You'll find everything you ever wanted to know about tiki here (even some things you wish you hadn't - BAXDOG)

Welcome to Tiki Central tikisobayli & jordan. Post some pics of those tiki finds!

M.A in Archaeology, Hmmm? Sven calls us tiki hunters "Urban Archaeologists". I've always felt that apropo. Happy hunting! Grey

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