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Laverne & Shirley is on right now! (East Coast)

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Check it out...more later


Wow that was painful. It certainly proves that the show couldn't make it on the air today.

It was a "new" 10 minute skit where L&S were trying out for a survivor/fear factor type show called "island of doom".

The Moais that were at the center of the controversy could only be seen briefly in the background. I'm sure most viewers missed them completely.

Other tikis were more prominently displayed, and the word “tiki” was used quite a bit.

Any of you on the west coast who want to check it out only need to tune in for the last 15-20 mins of the show to catch the skit.



I'm glad I missed it....


i was warned, but i watched the last 10 minutes anyway. ugh. the tiki factor could not eclipse the awefulness of the acting! it was only made bearable by hitting the MUTE button.

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