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bamboo bar stools for sale???

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does anyone out there have a pair of bamboo bar stools for sale?.please let me know.


Do you mean rattan?

rattan,bamboo, its all good and welcome!. my wife has to sit on a boring wooden stool from some cheap store!. we need the proper decor to be proper tikiphiles.

Aloha, check out Bamboo2U.com
Tell Judy that Mrs. Bamboo sent you and she'll set you up. Happy sitting.
PS... Sam's Seafood is actually in Sunset Beach bordering Huntington Beach....and a favorite of all the TC'ers.

Bamboo Ben
712 Yorktown Ave
Huntington Beach, CA
714 960-1860

sorry about the wrong beach,im from the great north beach far far away ......santa monica.thanks for the tip.

did not see any bar stools, but i left a msg.

The telephone might be a better bet with Bamboo2U....but she's got um'. It's imported stuff...but cool, Bamboo Ben is da kine, though, in many opinion.
We make some kinda cool wooden stools that are hand carved...check us out.

Aloha. For some reason, I enter my info and it comes up "Bamboo Ben"...who knew.
Ben would never plug the store :)
Mrs. B

Pages: 1 7 replies