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Worst hawaiian bar ever

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I promote a monthly rockabilly show at a spot called The Westchester Sports grill and I noticed one day that in the same center there was a sign above a little whole in the wall that said "Lei's Aloha Lounge" Upon enetring I found a sad sad excuse for an aloha bar. The most tropical thing in the whole bar was teh fondu pot that made the whole place hot and uncomfortable.


But that's in a low-key locale... here in Birmingham Alabama, in a prominent location downtown, with a large sign and huge clear wall windows along both sides of a street corner, is "TIKI BOB'S - A HULA HEAVEN" horrible florida beach decor (what little decor there is), bad food and bad drinks. They're giving tiki a bad name. They were absolutely packed the first few weeks when I drove by. Now I hear there were only 5 people in the vast place on a recent thursday night. I can't wait till they close!

Well... I certainly think TikiMaxton and I will rush to nominate Banana Joe's in Portland! It's very Night at the Roxbury meets Jimmy Buffet. Bleah!

Swanky posted on Wed, May 8, 2002 9:00 AM

There's a place near here (Knoxville, TN) called the Tiki Lounge. Sounds great right? Well, it's way out toward an area of town known for trailer parks and The Outlaws motorcycle club.

We ventured out there one night to see. Luckily it was well lit and had windows so you could see in from the road. We kept driving. maybe there is a tiki in there, but we were too scared to poke our heads in.

I dare ya!

Any thatched-roof bar by a beach/swimming pool in Florida that has a tiki bar sign, serves only Mexican beer and Tequila drinks and plays Jimmy Buffett music. Not that I hate Mexican beer, Tequila or even Jimmy Buffett, but let's have a little truth in advertising.

Did I mention it SUCKS?


Better late (12 years !!) than never. I LOVED this place !! Cheap stiff drinks and they open at 6am.

Highly recommended. :)

Why are you drinking at 6am, John?

Apparently because he's stiff.


If he hasn't been to bed yet, then effectively it's still the night before.


So John... are you saying this place is a candidate for the worst hawaiian bar? Because it doesn't seem so.

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I wish places would stop calling themselves "tiki bars" when they really mean "we have outside seating"


Not a Hawaiian bar, not a Tiki bar (really), but an awesome Aloha dive bar. :)

I thought it was funny that I did a TC search and came up with a hit on the place... from 12 years ago !!

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