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Mickey Finz, Las Vegas, NV (restaurant)

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Name:Mickey Finz
Street:Freemont Street Experience (across from Neonopolis)
City:Las Vegas

Tiki returns to Vegas!

Mickey Finz is a neo-tiki bar & restaurant, featuring the following tiki attributes:

  1. A large moai on the corner,
  2. Tiki torches on the corner
  3. Fire pit with adirondack chairs
  4. 2 large Hawaiian-style tiki hangings
  5. Carved poles
  6. Palapa covered patio

This light & airy tiki restaurant is very similar in vibe to Purple Orchid (El Segundo) or the Hukilau Island Grill (Sacramento).

There are specialty cocktails, although not necessarily the standard tiki favorites.

The menu emphasizes pizzas, burgers & sandwiches. The chicken nachos are very tasty.

Cocktails are not served in tiki mugs, however.

`Heeeey now.


Ooh. I'll have to check it out in Vegas next week. :D

We just got back from a trip to Palm Springs and Viva Las Vegas 9. We went to Oceanic Arts last Tuesday, had a great time talking with Bob & Leroy, when we told them we were headed to Vegas, they said they had been doing a lot of work recently for places there. Mickey Finn's is definitely one of those places! The food was fab, the prices were right, and the decor is very cool, complete with outside fire pit, gas tiki torches, and a huge Moai right at the doorway as you enter the bar. I know Coalbe took some photos, so we will try and post them soon.

Good to hear you liked it.

[ Edited by: Tiki Diablo 2006-04-19 22:30 ]

You folks were enjoying Tiki Diablo's handywork!! Check out moreof his awesome work on the following thread...

Danny, I can't wait to stop in there on my next trip to Vegas. A little So-Cal surf style is just what Freemont needed!


[ Edited by: hodadhank 2006-04-19 10:23 ]

Just got back from 3 days in Vegas. MrsBaliHai and I stopped by Mickey Finnz for an afternoon cocktail and snack. The joint was empty except for a couple of hipsters at the bar. The waitstaff all appeared to be hawt Russian expats who were probably moonlighting as strippers. Other than the giant Moai out front, and the thatch umbrellas with carved posts, the decor can only mildly be described as tiki.

I ordered a Mai Tai for benchmarking purposes and was served exactly what I expected: flavored rum and sweet/sour mix in a brandy snifter with an umbrella. We shared a plate of calamari in a spicy sauce that was excellent.

So, I can't really recommend this place for either the decor or drinks, but the puu-puus were okay.

Like I said, not traditional TIki but more "So-Cal Surf ". Hope the 8ft palmwood tiki I carvedout front are still there. Great food and nice peeps there but not Tiki place, just tiki's in there.


well, i think it's pretty great. the moulding and detail work inside is fantastic. the outrigger lamp is really nice, too.

the outside tikis are still there.

I was just there two weeks ago. I was fairly surprised to see something decorated and done up so nicely. The large outrigger lamp inside was awesome!

The wife and I sat down at the poker machines inside because the bar was full, and I walked up to the bartender to get a few cocktails - he gave us everything for free and we hadn't even put any money into the machine yet. Now that's service! :)

Still no tiki mugs to be found, but otherwise fun!

I second the outrigger tape bamboo canoe thingee! Awesome!


One of my friends live in Vegas and he said the vibe was grand, here!!

Definately added to my list. TV Las Vegas is currently slated for Sept 07...I hope it is open before I get there Sept 10 (course, it looks like that has been the hope of many a TC'er, all dashed. :( Well, here's hoping).


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