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James sent out this text and I am forwarding it
Folks within striking distance of a Trader Vic's should pay a visit
Anyone in SF willing to pick me up on their way to Emeryville?

Aloha Menehunes!

Victor J. Bergeron, AKA Trader Vic, will have been 100 years old next
Tuesday, December 10.

I called Trader Vic's in the Palmer House Hilton to see if we could
organize a celebration, and puzzlingly, they weren't really
interested. They did say that we were welcome to come down for
dinner and drinks (of course), so I told them to expect about forty
people beginning at 6PM and drifting in until 9PM or so. We're
staging a major invasion - be there for it!

Their usual Tuesday night drink special is in effect (not a Mai Tai
unfortunately). I am going to continue to work on them to try to get
at least some sort of vibe going, or possibly at least an appetizer
special, or SOMETHING!

Anyway - all Tikiphiles in Chicago are hereby informed - next
Tuesday, December 10, Trader Vics (in the Palmer House Hilton, 17 E.
Monroe (corner of Wabash)) is the place to be after 6:00! Parallel
impromptu/unofficial celebrations are being planned to various
degrees at the Trader Vics locations in Emeryville, Beverly Hills,
London, and Atlanta - and possibly at other Trader Vic's restaurants
across the globe.

Since this is an unofficial event (at the moment), if you are going
to want a table for dinner, call ahead and make a reservation.
Othwise, we'll see you at the Tiki Bar!
Come down and be a part of the centennial party for the man who made
Tiki culture what it is today...


James T.
[email protected]
Webmaster: Tiki Bar Review Pages
Author: Tiki Road Trip (to be published in March 2003)

Put this in your Palm(tree) Pilot: Wednesday, December 11 sees the
return of The Maikai Gents to the Los Angeles stage! We'll be at the
exotic Lava Lounge 1533 North La Brea Ave at Sunset(323)876-6612. If
you've never ventured inside, CitySearch describes it as "tropical
fantasyland meets warm lounge." The doors open at 9:00pm and we'll
begin our performance soon thereafter. This will be a very special
evening of your Hawaiian favorites accompanied by members of the
fabulous The Thurston Howlies, C.B. Howlie(percussion) and Cherry
Capri(guest vocals). Live exotica music will follow us. What a
night! And what a deal, as all of this entertainment can be had for
only $3! We certainly desire to see you there. Mahalo.
[email protected]

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