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A Few Pics from Hotlanta Vic's

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Me and the missus had a fine dinner at the Atlanta Hilton Trader Vic's this evening....Seared Ahi tuna with pink peppercorn sauce appetizers, heart of palm and baby green salads with a delicious miso-like dressing, Bombay curried vegetables, and house smoked salmon(cooked in huge copper smokers in the middle of the resturaunt (pictured), along with some fine hot buttered rum, the famous (and perfect)Mai Tai, and flaming Kona ice cream with high proof brandy....superb. Nobody does it quite like the trader! Here are some brief interior shots, but I spared you the best views - you just have to check it out yourself! You'll be glad you did.

Forgot this one of the front waiting area...

This one is still my favorite!

How cool is it to just get on the elevator and press the button for Trader Vics!

Now, if only I could push the same button on my office building and wind up at the ATL Vics......

For Sure, A Trader Vics Button, like the Staples Easy Button. I would frequently rely on it to transform my mundane existence into a polynesian bliss! "kerplunk..... ahhhhh...that was easy!"

Pages: 1 3 replies