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Seattle Area Home Bar Tour, August 5th & 6th, Ticket Reservations Now Being Taken

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Greetings and Aloha!
The Seattle Area Home Bar Tour is in the works and will be taking place this summer, 2006, on Saturday, August 5th and Sunday August 6th. During the times of each day of the event the food, drink (alcoholic and otherwise), etc., and the chartered transportation on the second day, will all be included in the price of each ticket.

The Seattle Home Bar Tour will be a 2 day event. The first day will be a Luau/BBQ/meet-up at 4pm into the evening at TC's own monkeyskull's Monkey Skull Voodoo Lounge home bar, where there will be plenty of food (for herbivores and carnivores), tropical libations, 2 Lounge/Exotica DJs (Selector Lopaka and myself), giveaways, and some live entertainment (to be later announced). Tiki artists and artists of similar ilk are encouraged to bring samples of their wares for display and/or sale during this day, and should contact me ahead of time.

The second day will begin in mid-afternoon and go until mid-evening, and will be a 6-hour chartered tour of 5 different tropical, exotic, and Tiki home bars in West Seattle: The Castaway Lounge, The Shrunken Head Lounge, Zanzibar Lounge, The Limbo Lounge, and The Riviera Room. Once again, tropical libations and food will be provided at each home bar stop. This is a scheduled tour with a set time of departure and arrival at each home bar, and you must (unless you are one of the bar owners) be on the tour bus to be a part of the tour.

The price of each ticket is $50 US, payable via Paypal to [email protected]. This covers both day's events. (Sorry, no discounts for attending just one day.) Reservations for tickets are now being taken. A correct mailing address and email address must be included with payment. A receipt and ticket number will be issued, as well as directions to Pete's Monkey Skull Voodoo Lounge. You will receive your actual ticket and welcome 'kit' upon arrival at the Monkey Skull Voodoo Lounge home bar on August 5th.

The reservations/tickets are not refundable, so please make sure before purchasing that you will be able to make the dates of August 5th & 6th in Seattle. A roster of names for ticket reservations will be compiled, so if you reserve a ticket and cannot make the event, and end up giving your ticket reservation to someone else, you must contact me and give me the name and contact information of the new ticket reservation holder.

I'm estimating round 55 people for this event. The charter for the 6th holds 47 passengers, but some of the home bar owners (including myself) and home bar owner helpers will be driving their own vehicles during the tour.

Questions and information? Contact me at [email protected].

[ Edited by: DJ Terence Gunn 2006-05-05 11:53 ]


Fooey I work both days and wouldnt be able to get the bus and could only meet up maybe at one or two home bars,
don't know that I would buy a $50 ticket and not make the
whole tour, but I'll consider it... I'd really like to see what folks are selling at Monkeyskull's.
Y'all have a great time if I'm not there.
TikiRiviera, Vegas was a blast, I'll bring over music and
pix once I get some printed out.

here's the tiki bar at the car show.

[ Edited by: sweetpea 2006-04-25 09:03 ]

Hey Pea,

I hope you can make the tour, should be lots of fun. Please stop by when
you get the pictures printed, I'm anxious to hear about VLV!

On 2006-04-25 09:01, sweetpea wrote:
Fooey I work both days

Doesn't The Hutch grant you paid time off, Pea? Seems a good couple of days to take advantage of it, if you can.


Actually Sat and Sun I work at a restaurant with no
paid vacay, so if I take a day off, between wages and tips I'm out somewhere around $200 at least for each day I'm gone. So, not only is my ticket 50 bux, then add on 2 days of no work, and the home bar thing would cost me $450. plus. heehee, so that kinda sucks.
I think I will still invest in a ticket, and try to get off work early. just can't take the whole day off.

Ticket reserved, Pea. Glad to have you aboard (even if only for a portion of each day).

woohoo! I'm in.
Gonna make it happen!
Can't wait!
Anyone else reserve already???

Anyone else reserve already???


oooweeee, I know it's a ways away, but I"m g3tting
excited for this!!!
Who else is going???


bueller? bueller?


we're going to have to take a pass on this event. its Seafair Weekend, and we always have a bunch of folks over to watch the Blue Angels fly over our house.

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