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Hawaiian Bill's Pau Hana Grill, Palm Springs , CA (restaurant)

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Name:Hawaiian Bill's Pau Hana Grill
Street:411 E. Palm Canyon Drive
City:Palm Springs

Aloha Tiki Freaks!!!

I heard rumors that the Reef Bar @ the Caliente Tropics had changed hands and was worried about the decor I left behind so Mrs. Boo and I went to check it out on our way back from the Kon Tiki Tucson.

Well.....No Worries Here!! It changed fo' the
" Mo' Bettah!!"

Hawaiian Bill is the coolest!

Mike the bartender mixes some pretty tasty drinks too!

And they have a full Hawaiian style plate lunch menu!

And, on Fri. and Sat. nites, the cook plays gee-tar and sings Hawaiian style. Although we were there on Sunday, we heard it draws a crowd.

Also, the Caliente Tropics has lowered their rates.

And, the grounds and rooms are kept and the tikis are all still there!

Even though there were business decisions made beyond the tiki community's control, we can't let this get in the way of a cool new spot and a classic motel.

Reverend, thanks for the news and thanks for posting it!

On 2006-04-25 22:16, Satan's Sin wrote:
Reverend, thanks for the news and thanks for posting it!

No worries Satan. Here's some more....


Check out the website: http://www.Hawaiianbills.com :)

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