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HIDDEN TIKI JOINT, sams seafood in longbeach ca.

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i must be very dense to have never noticed this place before. it looks like a seafood joint outside until you notice the polynesian arch jutting over the entrance.3 steps inside and you have walked into a 40 year old time warp tiki heaven.great food, drink and service!. has anybody gone on a saturday night?.i am wondering how crowded it gets.i went today at noon and halfway into my ribs, the joint started to get busy.


you have a good hidden tiki sense. this is a great find. i can't wait to check it out. keep up the good work as a stealthy urban archeologist.
anyone want to joing there for a few drinks in our new hidden tiki oasis?

Sshh! Please don't tell anyone else about this place. My girlfriend and I are going there this Saturday night for a quiet drink by ourselves and some intimate conversation.

Because it's so obscure and unknown, I'm hoping we'll be totally undisturbed by large groups of bar-hopping uncouth Tiki-Centralites out looking for a good time.

But, if you show up, Twowheelintiki, I'll happily buy you a zombie.


There's a tiki bar in Sunset Beach?! Maybe I'll check it out on Saturday too...

you-all that aint seen this here place are just gunna sh-t you selves!.i will be there sat nite about 8.00. after the let down last nite at trader vics (weak decor!), i cant wait to get to sams!. you will know me by a loud hawaiian shirt draped over a bouncers frame with my tiny latin wife in tow!. or just ask for eric.there is a website for info.later,eric.

sabu,YOUR ON!!!!!!!!

Seeing that I have NO plans for Saturday... I think I'll check out this new oasis too!

laney posted on Thu, Dec 12, 2002 8:50 AM

Sam's? What the... Never heard of the place. Don't you need a bus to get there or something?

Sam's? I have no memories of going there!


we live perty close by...and i kinda remember drivin' by that place a couple of times. isn't it close to taco surf??? gogo and i will go and hook up with ya to check it out. you say you'll be there around 8ish?
the secret is out,
deb and gogo

Hey, c'mon you guys, let the guy in on the fact that the only thing hidden about Sam's Seafood is the "Hidden Village" in the back. I mean how is a newcomer supposed to know that we already had a Tiki Central bus tour there and some of you South Beach Centralites are practically regulars there?

I think there's nothing wrong with pointing out that there have been posts about something already that somebody else thinks is unknown. It is impossible for a new member to read up on all the old posts, and the "Search" feature on TC never worked for me, it seemsyou have to have the exact wording to find an old post (for example, can anybody help me with those Pisco Moai bottle posts?)

I try to restrain myself with posts that just seem to boast "been there, done that", and post only when I have additional information, but a little note that the item has already been discussed should be TC courtesy.

Anyway, thowheelin', a nice discovery for yourself, and some of the posters might actually be non-ironic and genuinely ignorant of the place, so it's good to have brought it up again.

Big Bro, you're right, I've heard a couple of things about Sam's before. In fact, an eighty dollar bar tab receipt proves I've done my time there. Two Wheeler, you'll love it, it's real fifties/ sixties tiki style. I like it way better than Trader Vics.

We're just joking around. No hard feelings? See you all Saturday.

laney posted on Thu, Dec 12, 2002 5:29 PM

Hey what's wrong with hazing the new guys? I hven't seen this group as being too responsive to newcomers in the past! It must be the holiday season....

Thanks, T-god, how did'ya do it?
I needed that Pisco Moai info for this woman my girlfriend introduced me to: Her name is Dawna, and she is the first female Tiki carver I have ever met, AND she is a GOOD at it. She used to do props for films and started carving them as a hobby.
Her backyard is filled with them now, but she wants to keep it a hobby and not sell them. They are full size palm log Tikis, the real thing. She's been collecting mugs and Tiki stuff for a while, and she made one modelled after the Kona Kai logo Tiki. I was impressed.

[ Edited by: bigbrotiki on 2002-12-12 20:23 ]

On 2002-12-12 17:29, laney wrote:
Hey what's wrong with hazing the new guys?

It makes other people who haven't posted before NOT want to be 'new guys'. I have had plenty of private emails from people who get intimidated by the heavy posters here, and them not wanting to stick their foot in their mouth.

My adice to new people is to dive in and post anyway. There is no serious hatred or hazing here, just some joksters. Shit, half of the stuff I've put on Tikiroom.com are thing things that I think are new but everyone else on the board seem to have known about forever.



I was completely serious - about the "buying you a Zombie" part, at least. You're still on.

Tikibelle and I are planning on being there at 9:00 or so. At about 9:45pm we're going to be inundated by about 30 of your fellow Southern California Tiki Centralites - all the people you saw at Trader Vics and then some. If we didn't meet you at Vic's we're looking forward to meeting you Saturday. Be prepared.



Wow, Hanford, I wish someone stood up for me like that when I started posting (getting my head ripped off) back in April :( Not Zazz

[ Edited by: Laney on 2002-12-12 23:39 ]

The new guy get's a "Flaming File!" Score! Aloha and E' Komo Mai!

The new guy get's a "Flaming File!" Score! Aloha and E' Komo Mai!

On 2002-12-12 23:28, laney wrote:
Wow, Hanford, I wish someone stood up for me like that when I started posting (getting my head ripped off) back in April :( Not Zazz
[ Edited by: Laney on 2002-12-12 23:39 ]

I'm not sure what you mean by this... are you bummed I stood up for twowheelin'tiki
or bummed that I didn't stand up for you?

Over time I think it has become more apparent to me that some of the newbies here sometimes feel intimidated. I think it up to all of us here to help out the new people, and I think it's up to the new people to realize that this is JUST a webboard and to not be afraid of posting because in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter.

But I'm sorry if I didn't jump to your aid back then Laney. I probably didn't read the thread. Is everything Zazz now?


ok you pencilnecks,beating on the F.N.G. is a danger to yourselves and your livestock!. lucky for you ,i was waiting for this to happen,i guess a hazing for a post is better than missing a cool place!.ill have you little sh-ts know i was drinking zombies at kelbo's when most of you were swimming in your fathers.......just kidding. we will see you sat nite........if you dare reveal yourselves!. peace

Ahhhhhhh, Dilema. I'm gonna go and sit in the corner at Sam's and get Junky. Whats going on, I'm scared. Sam's Tonight.......WooooHoooo.

P.S. - TwoWheelin' wrote "Lucky for you".
I say Lucky is for no one, he's a lonely donkey. what.

what a group!. if you guys could have seen your faces as i came around the corner.......it was a kodak moment!(will he be a dick?.....is he pissed?.....oh wait,he just looks mean but he is smiling!). all that in 10 paces!. all kidding aside, what a cool group,i expected as much, cuz who could dig on tiki and be an ass?. thank you all for the kind words and for the drink(SABU ROCKS!). well its off to bed.peace

[ Edited by: twowheelin'tiki on 2002-12-15 01:34 ]

Two Wheelin,
It was nice to meet you. And I agree, the folks at Tiki Central are definitely top-notch. Hey, maybe sometime we can check out this other hidden tiki place. I don't know how I ever missed it in all my years in So Cal but its got 100+ fish tanks, several tikis and delicious flaming drinks. I think its called Bahooka or something...

oh you little prankster....

You Know,
I put on my newest TIKI dress last nite and did not get to meet the 2 whee-lynn tee-key.
Damn it, I brought my wife and kids to this function to meet him. Anyway, damn kids had to much to drink, again and we had to leave early. We have got to build up thier tolerance so we can stay later.

Hey, what's up with this TIKI group anyway, nobody has kids, or if they do, they hide them pretty darn good.

And to answer to the newbie's worries.
My 2nd post was an answer to bong's post about TIKI people have to drink to have fun. It made me think that he was just another drunk TIKI snob. And now after what seems like an entire lifetime it turns out he is just one of my best gay friends who surfs and wears a dress all the time.

And if your to scared to post, go back to the Star Trek posting board where you belong!
(thanks Martiki)
I truly love each and every one of you.
Goodby, Godspeed, goodnite

laney posted on Sun, Dec 15, 2002 2:46 PM

I have a kid! My son, Nick, is 7 and wants to have his own shelf of mugs behind the bar (skull mugs).
What I don't understand about this group, is why is everyone married? I am single and none of my close friends are into tiki. Everytime a local (So. CA) function comes up the list reads like Noah's animal list for the arc. All couples. It's not like I'm looking for a date or anything but I don't want to be the 21 wheel (pick any odd #) I just don't get the connection.

yo laney,when you stop looking and just enjoy the moment......the man of your dreams will appear!(like watched water never boils).it took me 38+ years to find a keeper.the real reason most t.c.ers are paired off is.......someone has to be the designated driver?

If you restrict yourself to outings with other singles then you will surely miss out on a shit load of fun. And some of the places we go let real people in too, I mean besides TC'ers.


Wow, I think you guys are getting the wrong message from my post. First off, I'm not searching for a partner. In fact I am doing fine for myself in the man finding department. In fact the idea of having a partner who is into tiki, who has as much or more crap as I do really freaks me out. I already have a house full and will live here until I die because I'm never moving this much stuff again.
Second, I have been to an outing, Sam's. I was there for the crawl but didn't take the bus. I only met a few T.C. people (Sven was talking my ear off!) :wink: I was the short-hair blond at the bar doing shots. Oh, yea, everyone was drunk and didn't remember a thing! I had a great time. The big problem with the outings are that they are all on Fridays and Saturdays. I work in a bar and have lamps and tikis to pay for.
Third, I'd rather call a cab than take a vow 'til death...

Yeah, I'd think if you work in a bar, finding men wouldn't be a problem.

The big problem with the outings are that they are all on Fridays and Saturdays.

Yeah, that's a big problem... How dare them plan these outings for the weekend...:)

Laney, I've wondered about the married thing too. But that's a hell of a good point about designated drivers!!! which is why my couple friends are so useful. TWO available designates...well, in theory anyway.

I love hanging out with mixed groups--singles-only functions are sort of weird, I find. Point is, you tiki couples, do as my couple friends do--drag your (shy) single pals along for the ride! Then you can be entertained watching us all tipsily chatting each other up.

Poly Pop, I believe in partying whenever you can. Why limit yourself to weekends? And--did you ever make it to Sacramento? Not to change this thread any more than it already has been, but the Eastern Empire has GREAT drinks!!! I went there again. With a designated driver.

Hey, long time no hear! Yes, I believe in the same. Weekend or not, I try to make it to whatever the gig is. On another note, I did make it to Sacramento as planned however, I worked almost the whole time. I did however, manage to stop by your shop on the way to the airport but it was closed (I came by around 9am). Wish I could've actually said "hello." Oh well, maybe next time. I'm sure I'll be back in Sacto in the near future.

I dont think Laney was looking for a man, just making an observation.
No worries, I'm single too & have noticed the same thing.

ok, an observation my wife made the other day about me was why didnt i have the tiki madness when i was single?. i cant truly answer, but maybe it has to do with that nesting thing????????. laney has kids=nest,the serious couples=nest, the married folks=nest. am i WAY off track here?.most singles dont decorate, especially most men.just an outside observation.


Yeah, for me the tiki thing happened after we bought our house. Definitely a nesting thing. I started nesting before the husband, but without the double income it was only a few scraggly twigs, instead of being lined with lauhala and bamboo.

Nesting? Maybe...maybe not... I'm a single dad and like tikis. If I want a pad with tikis and mugs and such then I have to do the decorating myself. I confess I looked at the attendence list of some of the events and thought the same about being a 3rd wheel but hey, people in our situation have to forget about that false stigma we put on ourselves and go out and tell ourselves just have fun. Quote the raven nevermore...

"but hey, people in our situation have to forget about that false stigma we put on ourselves and go out and tell ourselves just have fun."

AMEN. I tell myself this alla time. And...a single guy who decorates? Just wonderful.

Man.....You're all thinking too hard. Single, married or what not, it's to have a good time and to meet people you post with who all dig the tiki vibe. Just dig it!
p.s. Mrs. Boo and I have boys 4 & 7 who live the life of tiki, but going out is "our" time. Together or solo. I suggest jump right in!!

Pearls of wisdom from the Reverend!

Ben came solo to the Stentiki Hut over the weekend as did Chiki and Tiki Bong (all married guys). Floratina and Trader Pup came solo as well. No worries either way!

I was single for a looong time and I remember being a little freaked by my married friends when I was out there. Now I'm one of THEM! But the difference is having a common interest and I found out that the same married friends that used to freak me out, STILL FREAK ME OUT!

I just didn't know that there were others out there who could dig Tiki and Hawaiiana and be cool people. I think it's just a coinkidink (made up word) that a lot of us are married. But I do admit that I really got into this when I bought a house. You need tikis to protect your oasis!

I'm glad that people like to hang and have a good time. That's what it's all about whether your single, married, with kids, or whatever. It's all good.



You forgot about the Popster. I'm married w/ 2 kids but most of the time come out by myself. Sam's Seafood was no different - I came as a loner, I left as a loner...

well, i think we may be on to something here.my wife and i are mere peasants that rent,but this is my first time playing house and i think the vibe to decorate(god that sounds fem!)came out because i wanted to share my anti-ikea mentality with my wife and show her how cool living off the beaten path can be!.first i got her to ride her own motorcycle.....then dig tiki....whats next?


Sorry about that, Pop! Too many fried brain cells.

If anyone makes a case for getting out there, married or not it's you! You haven't missed an event yet! You're a not just a loner, man, you're a rebel!

At least when you left our place you were alone but I can't vouge for what you did after that! :wink:




Men don't "decorate"... they "build stuff that looks good"!

Don't say "I'm decorating my home with Polynesian accessories", say "I'm building a Tiki Lounge, and its lookin' pretty damn good!"


[ Edited by: Traderpup on 2002-12-17 08:44 ]

Wow, I guess I've been a two-some so long I forgot what it was like being single. Like the Rev Ben says, lets just all have fun with tiki.

This may sound sappy, but I've always considered us more of a family than a group of individuals. At the Christmas dinner we don't care if 'Aunt Sally' is by herself. She's still our aunt and we love her.

Now, A big Tiki Central Group hug and kiss (no tongue Baxdog!)

-----DAMN IT!!-------

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