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LA Tiki Sighting

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While cruising thru Mid City Los Angeles, I came upon this in-a-sad-state Tiki guarding the front of a sleazy motel:

Front view of the motel... notice the Tiki hiding in the shrubs...

After digging thru the shrubs, the lower half of the idol was pretty decayed, held up with a length of telephone wire, but it seems to be a female form due to the large perfectly rounded breasts. I would have investigated the situation a bit more, but the motley crew of loiterers in the parking lot and the paper-bag-wrapped-bottle-toting wino (who was cheerfully chatting my ear off about his plans to paint some eyes on the Tiki and how strange it was that I drove all the way from Long Beach to take pics in his neighborhood and if I saw the Christmas lights up the street and how he found the jacket he was wearing just the other day and.....as I attempted my photo ops) kinda scared me away. Any urban archaeologists can check it out for themselves at 1632 S. La Brea, Los Angeles. Just South of Venice Blvd.


[ Edited by: Traderpup on 2002-12-08 22:58 ]

Hey Puppy, I sure hope he wasn't spitting all over you as he was talking your ear off. Don't you just hate that. I saw this tiki somewhere in Tiki News. It caught my eye because of the asymmetrical face. Look out for those hobos.

When I worked in Hollywood I used to drive by that place eveyday and it always caught my eye. If you go a little further South on La Brea you will also find a defunct Tiki Motel turned into a Brazilian or Ethiopean Cafe. I forget the nationality of the new place but the gaudy paint job and tasteless new sign can't hide the big A Frame, you can still tell that this place was once something nice.

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