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Tiki Bar Flyers From Chicago...

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Here's a few flyers I picked up on my tiki bar crawl this weekend in Chicago...

Brochure from Vic's with Menu items...

Flyer from Rock-A-Tiki Grand Opening...

Front of Trader Vic's Flyer...



Is the Chicago Vic's still doing the drink specials during the week? I picked up that last flyer when we visited in May. We thoroughly enjoyed $4 Zombie (Yikes) and $4 Mai-Tai nights.

We're going to visit Chicago again in April, Go Cubs!, and want to know if the deals are still in place. Looks like we miss the best two nights though. I think the management there is doing a good job in pushing Vic's...so was a bit surprised to hear their hesitance in doing something special for Vic's centennial.

Not gonna miss Hala Kahki his trip...maybe check out that new bar too.


Sorry, should have posted it afterall...

Here you go midnight tiki... back of Vic's flyer...

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Thanks Lake Surfer!

I was presuming the specials would be the same...but you never know...plus, things could change by April anyway. Still, we will have to make do with $4 Menehunes, which I think are just Mai-Tai's without the Orgeat?, and Tonga punches!

Would rather have Zombies, but at $9 per...kills the ole travel drink budget real quick-like.

Appreciate the pics...


lake surfer....i got that rock a tiki postcard too......aint that picture from an ad for the now defunct kahiki in ohio??

The babe is from a Columbus newspaper supplement cover for the opening of the Kahiki, BOT page 65, the Tiki on the left is from BOT page 136, the Tiki in the middle is from "The NightOf The Tiki", page 53 (in turn he was copied from the back of an "Islands". San Diego postcard), and I am just flat out of ideas where the Tiki on the right is from.

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