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Hala Kahiki Pictures, and a few Witco Questions...

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Here's some pictures from Hala Kahiki near O'Hare Airport...

A Witco Fountain in a well decorated corner...

A shot of the back room...

One of the wall carvings... there's a few different one's... is this Witco work?

A clock above the bar... A Witco again?

Another shot of the back room where we sat... cool light up bananas, and more fish carvings...


[ Edited by: Lake Surfer on 2002-12-09 11:27 ]

....great pics lake surfer.....yep thats witco!.......the hala kahiki is my favorite bar period.........ive been there alot, and everytime i go i see something i've never noticed......for me, this place is THE perfect tiki bar(......well, maybe except for the lines to get in on the weekends!!)

[ Edited by: hala bullhiki on 2002-12-09 12:09 ]

This was my second time there... and when I'm not there I'm always thinking of the decor, like you said, you notice something new everytime. And a lot easier when there's no crowd. By 1:30 am it was almost empty on Saturday so I could wander around more. Wish I would have got there earlier to make another purchase in the gift shop!

GECKO posted on Mon, Dec 9, 2002 12:39 PM

Ho, dats one nice bar ya! I love da witco fountain! da only one i have seen is da one in da kine B.O.T. Does it still work?
I didn't know Witco did fish too?!!?

Mahaloz for sharing!

there is a Witco fountain at the Hawaiian Inn in Daytona Beach, in the lobby. They have it pretty obcsured with foliage, and I didn't notice it until I was walking out, the it peeked out of the corner at me. When I get my pics developed I'll post some.


The fountain is disconnected.

If you like these pics, wait until you see the ones Sven and I shot earlier this year. The HK management let us in early in the morning, and we brought pro photo lights and everything else. Got some AWESOME shots. The point of this adventure was for Sven to get some shots of all that unusal and rare Witco for an upcoming project; I grabbed a few room shots for my book too.

Ok, I think the "cool light up bananas" part is my favorite. Forget even seeing them dangling there in all their fruity glory - just the WORDS do it for me! Sounds like a Japanese band name, trying to sound like an American band name, a la "Let's Active" (that's where they got their name: from a Japanese kid's leather jacket).

Future lead singer of Cool Light Up Bananas

GECKO posted on Mon, Dec 9, 2002 2:39 PM

oh da fountain disconected. still beautiful! It's nice to see ppl posting there local tiki bars as I did for La Mariana! being some of us may not be able to visit those bars!

Tiki-Troll, i gon look out fo da pictures you gon post.

Brahda Tikibars, what kine stuff gon get in da book you makin? I like see.

I gon post some pics soon on da Trader vics in Waikiki that closed down a while back. The building is still there as well as a lot of da tikis. Don da Beaches old building too. His old restaurant called the "Colonels Plantaion". I guess he had that first befor he used don da beachcomber??

You've heard of "Let's Active" ? That's cool...I met Mitch Easter in Athens one time having lunch at The Downstairs...cool fellow. I fo one am real excited about Mission Of Burma touring again!

I swear the fountain was working both times I was there... I heard water trickling... and if you look at the picture there is water falling and in the little bowls...!?!? maybe it wasn't in service for you guys, Tikibar....

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