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Tiki in D.C.?

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I'll be in Washington DC next week on bid-nez and was wondering if there are any worthwhile tiki establishments there.
Well, are there?


Politiki. It's been the highlight of both my recent DC trips with TC members.


Poli-tiki does have a good collection of tiki mugs and Ryden prints on display in their basement.

Also worthwhile, is the Honolulu Restaurant in Alexandria, just outside the beltway on Telegraph Road. Nice decor and good drinks, in a small family owned and run business. Easiest way to get their is via automobile, although it is reachable via metro by walking from the yellow line's Hungtington Station.

'South Pacific' will be playing at the Arena Stage in D.C. Mid-week tickets should be relatively easy to get.

There are some good sized tiki carvings in a larger restaurant called 'Mango Mike's' on Duke Street in Alexandria, but their impact is overshadowed by the numerous beer banners and signs floating around .... the place feels more Buffet-ish than tiki-ish, and the one mai-tai they made for me was terrible.

What days are you in D.C.? I could always use another excuse to go to the Honolulu or Poli-Tiki for drinks.


I concur with both Turbogod and ikitnrev, with whom I got to see their recs. A dinner at the Honolulu is a lovely way to start your evening, and make sure you get the bananas flambe for dessert. Ask for it midway thru your meal; it takes a while to set up the whole "show". So tasty, I made Vern take me back again before I left town!

Also, hope to get there early enough to see their biggest fan, and boy do I mean biggest fan. The sweet Chinese owner told us, "He orduh 7 SB's every day! Sometime only 6." "'SB's'?," we queried. "Suffering Bastahds!," he whispered excitedly.

Politiki was also a delight, in the more rush-rush bar sense. Get past all the Capitol Hill interns on the ground and upper floors, however, and the beautiful downstairs will charm you. Hope that Ted ('zat right, Suburban Hipster?) is working the bar, cuz the other folks haven't a clue as to how to make a tiki drink!

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On 2002-12-10 15:04, Formikahini wrote:
Hope that Ted ('zat right, Suburban Hipster?) is working the bar, cuz the other folks haven't a clue as to how to make a tiki drink!

Good memory.

ha! What does that tell you about the importance of a good drink to me?! Yeah, I can remember the name of a bartender in a bar across the country, but I blank out on the name of my students when they're staring me in the face!

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