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Night Before Tiki

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Twas the night before Tiki
and all through our town
no Tikis were stirring not even the
new one I found...

The pufferfish were hung by the torches
with care in hopes that Trader Vic or
BigBro might soon be there...

The mugs were all lined up and stored
in their rack, while sounds of Quiet Village
played in my 8 track...

And Mom in her lei and I in my fez
had just settled down to a blue drink I

When out of the dark there came such a
clatter, I sprang from my bar to see what's
the matter...

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
but a giant Aku-Aku that was standing so near...

He was traveling with a bartender so lively
and quick, I knew in a moment he must be
from Trader Vic's...

More rapid than eagles his drinks they came
and he shaked and poured and called them by

Now mai tai! A Zombie! A Hurricane too!
One Fog Cutter! One Lapu-Lapu and a flaming
one for you?
Now drink away! Drink away! Drink away all!

And in the dark corner, it was lovely to
see...the fish nets and glowing glass balls
that hung from a palm tree...

The Great Tiki stood from the floor to the
ceiling as we all tried to sense what he
was feeling...

We embrace the Carvings, The Book, the Isle
of Cook and the mugs that come our way...

So in the glow of the torch light, Join us
tonight and celebrate Tiki Day...

We heard him exclaim as he faded from
sight...Merry Tiki To All, And To All A Good Night'...

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