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The horror that is the Beatles!!

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[ Edited by: lucas vigor 2006-12-15 09:10 ]


On 2006-05-05 14:10, lucas vigor wrote:
I am guaranteed to not make any new friends around here with this Anti-beatles rant. Perhaps I will ultimately end up like Bong. Banned.

Anyway, I am bored and my 'roids are bothering the hell out of me, so I am feeling cranky...
'roids flaming up like a nuclear test on an atoll,
(from the beatles, not the 'roids, that is)

well from the looks of this, an anti beatle rant won't get ya banned, but something else may.
TMI indeed.

...sorry to hear the beatles are such a pain in the @$$ to ya.

[ Edited by: lanikai 2006-05-05 20:37 ]

Hahaha! :lol:

Lucas, I may not share your hatred of the Beatles, but you did at least choose the appropriate forum on which to vent!!

I salute your right to hate that which I love (and upon reading your post, I will have to admit that Sargent Pepper is, um, pretty, uh, random...ish).


There's a saying in my family:

"Never trust someone who doesn't like the Beatles"

It's advice that has served us well.


It's a sad day when I would rather listen to good charlotte or bon Jovi then the beatles.

A sad day indeed. Maybe your ass wouldn't hurt so much if you stopped talking out of it.


[ Edited by: lucas vigor 2006-12-15 09:11 ]


Uhm, these are two completely different forms of music. I don't think we can compare them and pick one over the other. It is really a matter of taste. However, there is always great music and just music. Beatles along with a few other bands changed the history of music.

On 2006-05-06 14:14, lucas vigor wrote:
the more I have read about the way John Lennon lived his life, the more my hatred of the beatles deepens

Oh come on, John Lennon may have been a misogynist-junkie-possible murderer but Paul McCartney gave us "WINGS", some crimes should never be forgiven.

pablus posted on Sat, May 6, 2006 7:44 PM

I never have gotten the Beatle mania.
They're OK, and they were fairly prolific and took some chances but... I don't know.
"Love Me Do" makes me want to chuck a spear through a nun.

I actually liked Badfinger much more than the Beatles.
Same sound, only in tune.
But there was that whole suicide thing.

Maybe..... there was murder afoot.
Lennon and Mcartney hate the fact that they got Badfinger started and now they're getting better than them.
So they kill.... I've said too much already.


Shit Pablus!
Send me a bottle of that rum.

foamy posted on Sun, May 7, 2006 5:05 AM

Hmmm. How was your childhood? Just kidding.

Nothing at all wrong with the Beatles. Though, I do prefer early 'Stones to early Beatles and like the late Beatles far better than later 'Stones. And, yes, there is that silly Wings band. Poor Paul. Lennon married Yoko "Oh No!" —that's when I knew things were gonna go badly, but heck, the Beatles knew and discovered more and did more about and with music, than anyone. Ever. It was a sad day when they disbanded.

King Crimson influenced by the Beatles? I never knew and would never have guessed. I was a big K.C. fan—bought all their albums. I liked Bad Finger a lot too, but would never compare them to the Beatles. B.F. is way too "by the numbers" for that sort of comparison.

Hey, it's alright not to like the Beatles (I guess), but it's like someone else said: "Never trust anyone who doesn't like the Beatles." While I may not take it to that extreme, it does make me wonder.

So, why does Bid (ex-Monochrome Set) only offer his new band's (Scarlett's Well) music from some Spanish label's web site? Answer me that.

Just hav'in fun.


Vigor maybe you have a point. After all, Sure their last decent album was thirty years ago and they haven't even toured once since, but what have the Beatles done lately? Not a damn thing. Talk about resting on your laurels.

But seriously folks...

My first two albums as a kid were the Beatles 62-66 and 67-70 pressed on red and blue vinyl, which I still have.

I've liked different periods of their output throughout my life and suspect I always will although I'm never in a mood bad enough that I wouldn't enjoy hearing Rubber Soul and I'm facsinated with an enduring notion to re-sequence the White album to begin with Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey.

Definately the most production savey band of the first invasion rockers thanks mostly to George Martin, even their simplest efforts sound lightyears ahead of other bands from the same period like Who Kinks & Stones.

Oddly I listen to more Who Kinks & Stones that Beatles now. Perhaps it's because I can remember every note of those albums without actually playing them.


[ Edited by: lucas vigor 2006-12-15 09:15 ]

Sorry to say this but you sound like a Old Man that all he does is complain!! Get a MP3 player with shuffle. Quit that KLOS Bullshit and take your Metamucil like me, Bong and Riptide!! WTF? No Biggie I'm Just saying? I'm not going to tell you what I hate unless you ask me. Otherwise I like the Smokin Menehunes.
I hope you know I'm just goofin on you!!


[ Edited by: donhonyc 2009-06-25 20:05 ]

I think Lucas has just been out-ranted by the rant-master.



On 2006-05-08 00:19, lanikai wrote:

On 2006-05-07 18:29, lucas vigor wrote: But I can't stand seeing these english guys stealing Indian music

yea, doncha just hate it when some white people appropriate an exotic culture's icons and music?! Rock on, Polynesian Pop culture dude!


[ Edited by: Lucas Vigor 2006-12-15 10:20 ]


Ohta-san? HELL yeah somebody else has that stuff...I thought I was the only person brave enough to snag those on a thrift run--his Hawaii 5.0 is the BOMB....as far as the Beatles are concerned, when I was a stoner type in high school I LOVED the Beatles & hated the Beach Boys--now its the other way around. Well, I don't HATE the Beatles...just don't really find myself as into them without the bong-headphones on. The Beach Boys are far closer to the Exotica thang than the Beatles...it just took awhile to figure that out.


[ Edited by: lucas vigor 2006-12-15 10:20 ]


On 2006-05-08 10:17, lucas vigor wrote:

On 2006-05-08 09:54, bb moondog wrote:
Ohta-san? HELL yeah somebody else has that stuff...I thought I was the only person brave enough to snag those on a thrift run--his Hawaii 5.0 is the BOMB....as far as the Beatles are concerned, when I was a stoner type in high school I LOVED the Beatles & hated the Beach Boys--now its the other way around. Well, I don't HATE the Beatles...just don't really find myself as into them without the bong-headphones on. The Beach Boys are far closer to the Exotica thang than the Beatles...it just took awhile to figure that out.


The beach boys absolutely rule over the Beatles. Pet sounds.... I think that album is the anti-Sgt. Peppers!!!

I love the Beach boys, the harmonies, the deceptively complex song structures and chords. Those guys had it going on....they were COOL!!!

Personally I agree that the Beatles are overrated but don't dismiss the fact that if it wasn't for the Beatles, there would be no Pet Sounds.

"The story is legend. Brian Wilson hears Rubber Soul, and is so blown away that he gets his Beach Boys together and makes Pet Sounds. Paul McCartney, in turn, hears Pet Sounds and is so blown away that he and his fellow Beatles make Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Three of the definitive rock albums of all time, and they were transatlantic vinyl love letters."


[ Edited by: donhonyc 2009-06-25 20:06 ]


I cannot take it any more and have to ring in. I was Beatles crazy as a kid. I was born in 1964 and have only one sibling, a brother born in 1952. As such, I "inherited" all of his music as a very young kid and was absolutely blown away by the Beatles going directly from Disney soundtrack records to Revolution #9. Cut to years later. I can barely stand to listen to the Beatles now except in very small doses. It is not that they were not pivotal in the development of pop(ular) music; it is just that I have had my fill and prefer not to listen to them today. To me, people like Les Paul and Mary Ford or Dave Brubeck or even the aforementioned Bill Haley have better stood the test of time and sound less dated than the Beatles.
There are different eras of the Beatles and you have to admit that the early "Love me do" stuff is little if any better than Pat Boone bubblegum pop. In other words, it wasn't until they became a studio only act that they gotr to the era that is touted today.


[ Edited by: lucas vigor 2006-12-15 10:21 ]

this topic has TRULY turned to 'bilge'--I'm sure we'll be debating the merits of "Pink Lady & Jeff" and "Mister T & Tina" at any moment

pablus posted on Mon, May 8, 2006 2:34 PM

You left out Uriah Heep.

Who are still touring?!?!?!?! http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/index.php

And re: the beach boys...

I'd rather hear excrement drop from a height of 8'11" than to hear those whiny, needly sounding girlie-men with their weird "I gotta go pee" gyrations mucking up my memory.


I wish Dick Dale would've killed them when he had the chance.


hmmmmmm...OUCH. Thats a pretty good point...

even the instros like "Lets Get Away For Awhile" & " Diamondhead"? ..which were basically the Wrecking Crew doing exotica...

I used to mock people for liking them cuz they seemed so FAUX California...but they DID pretty much nationalize the surf sound
BUT point taken---I think thats mostly the Mike Love faction thats whiny, nasal & a very BAD dancer...


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[ Edited by: lucas vigor 2006-12-15 10:22 ]

Just make sure you two don't add to the list of must-not-mention-on-TC:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Beatles vs Stones

Hi Formikahini!

So far, I have been pretty good about the first two!!


One of the best things about the Beatles breaking up in early 1970, was that it gave more room for the Partridge Family to rise up in the charts. Four months after 'The Long and Winding Road' exited the Top 40, 'I Think I Love You' started its own rise to #1.

There is always room in my world for another well crafted pop song.


I'm 37. Growing up, Rock (& Disco) was King. Conventional wisdom was the Beatles were great so I liked them. As a little kid, you figured any band that could make Yellow Submarine can't be bad, right? But kids don't know anything. By the time I was 18 my mania was old Rock & Roll (I had it worse than Tiki Fever) and I knew all there was to know about Roots R & R. The lst chapter of that tale is the Beatles killing Rock & Roll. & yeah, I'm convinced you have to be on something stronger than a Zombie to enjoy Sgt. Pepper's. I hate that *#^@

Marshall Crenshaw put it best about Pepper when he said that was when you could no longer DANCE to the Beatles; its a very NAVEL GAZING album but it does have some GREAT production on it. Too bad it blew the door WIDE OPEN for all pretentious hippie crap to come, and by 1969 the Beatles were trying to ditch the psychedelics & 'Get Back'

man this topic has gone LONG....

ahuka a'la a'la palu

BB MoondoggyO

sweatin' to Quiet Village in AZ

[ Edited by: bb moondog 2006-05-10 07:04 ]

On 2006-05-07 19:20, The Sperm Whale wrote:
... take your Metamucil like me, Bong and Riptide!!

Spermy, that stuff is delicious but it gives me the shits.


Hodadhank, try mixing the Metamucil with a few shots of dark rum and you should be fine!

Thomas posted on Sun, Jun 4, 2006 2:55 PM

Best 70s TV shows: Hawaii Five-0 and MAS*H. The wisecracking character of Hawkeye Pierce, frequently seen wearing a period Aloha Shirt and holding a strong drink, was inspirational.

Hawaii Five-0, well, words can't do it justice. A combination of words and images comes close though: http://www.mjq.net/fiveo/ (no affiliation).

David Bowie was all over the radio in the 70s. "Young Americans" transfixed me as a young kid. I'm also pretty amazed that Stevie Wonder hasn't been mentioned yet. Jeepers Creepers.

The Beatles "ruined" something or other? Silly. Times change. "Creative destruction." They suffer primarily from their legendary status and the fact that, as someone said, "I remember every note by now anyway." I once thought that way about "Margaritaville." If I'd never heard it and it came on the radio, I'd probably get a real kick out of it, but to put it mildly it has become a cliche and causes me to roll my eyes.

John Lennon was loathesome, Yoko is even more so.

Rolling Stones: "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'" or "Moonlight Mile" or the like on the radio: Yes!
The persona of Mick Jagger, the hype about "the world's greatest rock band," and the total lack of creativity in choosing them for the Super Bowl halftime show: No! It's like, they were the "default option." How original.

The notion of people "stealing" certain forms of music from other groups, with the suggestion of racial politics, is totally bogus.

Now and then I'll put the disco station on the satellite radio for short period of time. Boy that was a more innocent era wasn't it.


The Beatles? I hate the fact that they put indian music all up inside thier style. This coming from a guy who LOVES Ravi shankar and has 6 CD's from him. This coming from a guy who actually owns a set of Tablas. No kidding! But I can't stand seeing these english guys stealing Indian music

well, as this thread has been bumped to the fore, will add this, tho some are averse to my "corrections"...

Ravi requested a meet with the beatles.
Ravi very much appreciated the exposure to his music that the beatles afforded him.
One may hate Indian music in the Pop rock milieu, but a good time was had by all, back then.


While drinking my Metamucil I was wishing I was sixteen again. I would now like to hijack this thread and talk about the Grateful Dead.


On 2006-06-05 20:52, Benehune wrote:
While drinking my Metamucil I was wishing I was sixteen again. I would now like to hijack this thread and talk about the Grateful Dead.

Don't drink Metamucil, just try to eat at least 5 grams of Fiber per day. No biggie. Before you know it your colon will be as smooth as brand new teflon cookware.


This whole thread has been HIlarious and illuminating: More than being about opinions or if the Beatles were really in fact all that wonderful as clever marketing and some honestly good songs and ebullient performances have led us to believe; It shows us how PASSIONATE people are about their personal choices in MUSIC... and so how IMPORTANT music IS!

Personally I like the Beatles but not at the expense of understanding the quality and value of all the other incredible music that has happened off the pop chart radar screens of popular music. There is a whole literal world of wondrously worthwhile and important ethnic, cultural music out there and always has been.

I like my Sinatra, Les Baxter, Martin Denny, (early) Johnny Mathis, Nat King Cole, and any number of lounge albums just as much as my Beatles OR the Stones... and some times I even prefer the Eagles, Poco, and the whole of the 70s folk rockers to The Beatles. Why... the original Japanese version of Kyu Sakamoto's Sukiyaki still resonates as loudly within the very fibres of my tiki being as ANYthing the Beatles have done. Call me warped, demented, even Call Me Irresponsible;-) but it's true.

I would just like to thank EVERY one who took part in this thread because as a musician (or musical enthusiast as I like to call myself) and as a person - I learned SO much from it.

The one thing I am not going to do here is try to stop, modify, or dis anyone else's musical likes or dislikes. We all like or dislike what we do for unfathomable and quantum reasons which are personal and stem from each of our own life-experiential matices. Lucas, I feel with you AND relate COMPLETELY about what you say regarding the Beatles. At the same time I get what DonhoNYC was saying...apart from the personal attacks which were kind of humorous (not being on the receiving of them) in sort of sarcastic and insulting sitcom ways.

And again, the most vivid impression to be gained from this dissertation has been how truly PASSIONATE people are about the MUSIC that they so obviously love and that is SO inextricably entwined into the very constituent fibres in the fabric of their lives for better or worse;-)

Peace, love, and aloha vibes,

Mai tais ALL around then!


[ Edited by: lucas vigor 2006-12-15 10:23 ]


Well I have to agree about the Beatles but Stan Kenton? Cool? Swinging? Are you freaking kidding me? You're on the wrong side of town. You need to try some Gene Ammons or Sonny Stitt.

You can actually see a photo of The Beatles during their flower in Hawaii (Most of them anyway) at The Hard Rock Cafe in Honolulu, according to there website-

The Beatles
John Lennon's Guild 12-string electric guitar with a picture of John receiving the guitar and a background photo of John and George Harrison on vacation in Hawaii.

No mention of a tiki in the picture but it's so changing of the guards.

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