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Frank Wallace Tiki A-Frame Home for sale

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This was posted to the Exotica list and thought everyone might find this of interest.


Looks like this place is incredible - it's just a shame that no-one has taken care of the property. It comes with the original furnishings!

Yee-Haw & Aloha,
Tiki KilikiThe World of Tiki Kiliki

[ Edited by: tiki_kiliki on 2002-12-10 08:45 ]

It just looks like it needs the leaves sweeping up & it'll be fine!

By the way, what's that thing in the back yard that looks like a giant ice-cube?

Trader Woody


WOW! It even has its own Nuclear Reactor!

That thing looks like Paul Bunyans john.

How cool! I wanna do a book just on A-frames!

My wife and I have been seriously talking about moving to Tulsa for the past six months (I know, you're asking yourself, who would WANT to move to Tulsa??). Humm, we will need a new house if we move, I wonder?? At least it would get some TLC and a tiki interior.


The inside must be in shambles - they didn't include any interior photos at all - but with a starting price of $50K and Oklahoma not really being a mecca of Polynesian style it might be a real steal if you're not afraid to get your hands dirty. Also, with its own nuclear reactor you'll never have to send a payment to the pesky power company...


Just Cool!!

Aloha from the enchanted Pi Yi Lanai in exotic Bel Air Maryland!

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That's a one in a lifetime chance! someone has to buy that baby!!!!

Damn, I wish it was in Toronto, I'd be on that thing TODAY. I'd table dance for Jabba the Hut for the upfront cash if I had to.

Hey...that's no nuclear reactor...I see an...
.....unpainted volcano!

that thing is actually a storm shelter.

Pretty cool design, something funny about tiki in the woods and snow

On 2002-12-10 22:00, fatuhiva wrote:

Pretty cool design, something funny about tiki in the woods and snow

I think the odd juxtaposition of this island style house stuck in the middle of a non- hospitable climate makes it all the more charming! It kind of reminds me of that picture from the BOT of the Kahiki covered in snow. It probably best epitomizes the whole reason most of us are into tiki bars - the artificial recreation of a tropical getaway in the most unlikely of places...



[i]something funny about tiki in the woods and snow

What's funny about tiki in the snow? That's my life you're talking about!!!

(weeping, looking out at her frozen snow covered backyard)


On 2002-12-10 22:00, fatuhiva wrote:
that thing is actually a storm shelter.

Yes, that's what the caption claims it is...but we all know the truth.

It's a small Nuclear Reactor that, with a paint job, can be disguised as a volcano. I wouldn't want to be there if that thing blows.

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